Bunker Alfa Floor 2 and Floor 3 are staple farming locations for guns and EXP. Before we look at how we can farm Floor 2 there are a few things to note.

See our Basics and Floor 01 Guide

Guns vs No Guns (Wall Trick)

There are two ways to farm Bunker Alfa:

  1. With Guns (beginner friendly method) is the alternative we’re going to cover in this guide.
  2. No Guns is more advanced. It involves using the “wall trick” to kill Frenzied Giants.

Why no guns? To save guns!

In short, the no gun method requires hiding behind a wall and peeking to land melee hits on Frenzied Giants (a fast weapon like the crowbar is necessary).

If the peek is timed correctly (between attacks) your character will take no damage.

This however can be quite difficult and unless you are wearing Tactical Set or better you will die in one blow.

Clearing Floor 02

Last Day on Earth Survival Bunker Alfa Floor 02

Alright, lets do this! Above is a map of Bunker Alfa Floor 02. We will be following the Main Path (See Above – white dotted line) and clearing the Labelled Rooms.

The Rooms Labelled in Red?
You can skip these, typically they aren’t worth your time/resources.

The Heavy Hitter

We will be referencing this a lot in the guide. Basically it refers to switching to a like the Skull Crusher/Saw Blade Mace to make the most of their high damage during sneak attacks.

If you haven’t yet, go check out our 5 Combat Tips. These basic techniques are important for clearing Bunker Alfa efficiently.

(A) – The Bloody Corridor

A Small Hoard
A bunch of Roaming Zombies will rush towards you. Use your heavy hitter to one hit them as you kite away.

The Single Floater Bloater
Sneak attack it with your heavy hitter then switch to your Crowbar to finish it off. This will be your go to combo for high HP zombies.

(B) – The Bathroom

2x Fast Biters and a Frenzied Giant
It’s possible to sneak past the Frenzied Giant but its easier to just lure them out. Here’s what were going to do:

  1. Equip Crowbar and Gun.
  2. Lure out the zombies and back away towards the Gore corridor we came from.
  3. Kill the Fast Biters whilst maintaining distance from the Frenzied Giant.
  4. Switch to gun and kill the Frenzied Giant.

Skip Room C
It contains a Toxic Abomination and a Floater Bloater.

(D) – Corridor To Bedrooms

Single Toxic Spitter
Head down the corridor and you’ll run into a Toxic Spitter. Use your heavy hitter to one shot it.

Room D contains 2x Fast Biters (you can sneak attack one).

Sneak towards Room E to avoid agroing the two Floater Bloaters on the other side of the wall. Make sure you don’t open that middle door!

(E) – The Two Floater Bloaters

Room E has another 2x Fast Biters to kill, you won’t be able to sneak attack them but they shouldn’t give you much trouble.

Remember that empty room we sneaked past. Keeping that middle door closed will allow us to easily split the two Floater Bloaters.

Sneak attack one of the Floater Bloaters then run towards Room E.

You can now run in circles between Room E, Room D and the corridor to split the two zombies. You’ll save some carrots fighting them one at a time.

(F) – The Kitchen

The next room contains a Frenzied Giant near the door. Equip your guns and get ready to back away from the entrance after opening it.

Grab the loot from Room F. You can even sneak up to the trash can and loot it without agroing the two Floater Bloaters.

(G) – More Gore

Kill that single Fast Biter and continue to another gore corridor. You can interact with the pipe valve to turn off the gas before you cross.

(H) – More Zombies

Avoid the Turret
Hug the corner of the wall to get past the turret without being hit.

Toxic Abomination and 2x Toxic Spitters
Make sure you have enough healing items as you’ll be taking a bit of damage here.

Usual stuff here, sneak attack the Toxic Abomination with your heavy hitter and proceed to apply crowbar.

2x Toxic Spitters
You can sneak attack and one shot both of these with your heavy hitter. Just go for the bottom one first.

Skip Room I
It contains 2x Toxic Abominations.

(J) – Two Fast Biters

Pretty straight forward. Clear the room and head towards Room K. Try and avoid the toxic gas along the way.

(K) – Frenzied Giant

Before opening this room first interact with the console nearby. It will open a door that leads back to the elevator starting point.

Make sure you have your guns equipped. Open that door to the Frenzied Giant and take it down whilst backing away towards that newly opened door.

(L) – Save Specialist

Skip this room?
This room contains two Toxic Abominations. Defeating them will allow you to save the Specialist. You will only have to do this once, after that just skip this room in future runs.

(M) – A Lot of Zombies

This is probably the hardest part of Floor 02. Here’s how were going to tackle it.

  1. Lure just the Toxic Abomination and apply crowbar
  2. Next is a bunch of Fast Biters with a Frenzied Giant. Back away towards that newly opened door to maintain distance from that Frenzied Giant whilst you deal with the Fast Biters.
  3. Switch to gun and finish off Frenzied Giant.

(N) – Careful With That Door

There’s a Frenzied Giant on the other side of this door. It’s quite close so get ready to back away quickly.

(O) – Last Frenzied Giants

This room has 2x Frenzied Giants. One of them is behind a wired fence. First kill the one in front of you.

If you have the burglar skill you can safely shoot the Frenzied Giant through the fence then open the locked door to collect your reward.

If not, you should skip it and save your gun durability.

Floor 02 Cleared

Alright congrats on your Bunker Alfa Floor 02 clear. You can now do this every 2 days and farm those green, yellow and red coupons.

Next Up: Floor 03 (Coming Soon)