Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 Part 5 update adds new collectibles and introduces changes to the Friendship Proof and Silver Medal system.

Scheduled for 26 Oct 2020 (Global) and 28 Oct 2020 (SEA)

See Episode 7 Part 4 Update Notes

See Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 Update Notes


There’s a bunch of changes but here’s a list of the notable ones (complete patch notes below):

  1. Adjustments to monsters removing player’s equipment
  2. Changes to Friendship Proof
  3. Removed Silver Medals

New Content

1) Newly added Collectible drops

Complete the Collection Quests in the following areas to obtain corresponding Collectible drops:

  • Underground Geffen Collection – Forever Moonlight
  • Payon Forest Collection – Bamboo Forest Past
  • Robio Forest Collection – Rainbow Song
  • The Mjolnir Mountains Collection – Flower God Harp
  • Culvert collection – Fatal Connection
  • Payon South Collection – Robin
  • Laboratory Underground Collection – Heart of Yimir
  • Rozana Collection – Banquet Clock
  • Ice Cave Collection – Fountain of Prayers
  • Pyramid Collection – Pyramid Heart
  • Orc Village Collection – Totem Campfire

2. Modification of monster removing Adventurer’s equipment

2.1 Adjustment for removal of equipments by Parasite

  • Little Flower’s attack to Adventurer is decreased by 10%, and continues for 5 seconds (up to 8 stacks)
  • Attacking of Parasite will not remove your equipment automatically. This also applies to Wasteland-Wildness Parasite and Maple Leaf Faramita-Maplewood Parasite

2.2 MVP Wolf Grandma: Removal of equipment is changed to destroying of equipment

2.3 Mini Fire Bird Chiri: Removal of equipment is changed to destroying of equipment

3. Crafting of Wildfire Swords is made available at Prontera

4. Darkness Awakening – Star Rune and Death Cage – Star Rune can be used to deal damage to Warrior of Wildfire Class

Game Optimization

1. Guild Instance Optimization

1.1) Optimization of Guild Instance entry

  • Silver Medal is not required for entering Guild Instance
  • Restriction of minimum Guild Level 2 to enter Guild Instance is lifted

1.2)Map Process Optimization

  • 5 different levels of instances are combined into 1, and entry level is changed to 60
  • The way to enter the dungeon remains the same. You can enter via Ruins Entrance in Guild. The guild teammates of the same team can enter the same dungeon through the entrance
  • If the team got wiped, the dungeon will be reset, but the defeated Mini/MVP will not be refreshed

1.3) Rewards Optimization

  • Map contains normal monsters and 5 Mini/MVP. Defeating of Mini/MVP gives corresponding rewards. Rewards are account limited and only obtainable once per week
  • Reward Adjustment: Rewards will be doubled for defeating Mini/MVP after optimization, and two random rewards on top of the double rewards will be given as well

1.4) Every Guild Instance will be refreshed after the maintenance, and can be attempted again for the week. Adventurers can receive rewards upon completing it even if they have already attempted and obtained rewards before maintenance.

2. Adjustment for Friendship Proof

2.1) Friendship Proof will no longer be available via Mission Board, Guild Dojo, Endless Tower, Guild Instance, Assistant Growth Plan

2.2) Mora Coins are added as rewards in Assistant Growth Plan. Mora Coins are also available by completing the following: Mission Board quests, Time Rift, Adventure, Pet Labor

2.3) Removed the option to purchase Mora Coins with Friendship Proof from Cat Friend’s Shop. Those with remaining Friendshop Proof are able to exchange it away by opening Friendship Store directly

2.4) Enchantment Quest in Growth Plan V is modified, Adventurers who have completed previously will not be affected

3. Adjustment for Silver Medal

3.1) Silver Medal will no longer be available via Mission Board, Endless Tower, Guild Quest, Arena

3.2) Headwear can be exchanged with only Fighter Coins in Arena Shop

4) Mission Board Adjustment: Increase the corresponding Base and Job experience according to the issued level

5) Optimization for Monster Laboratory

  • Number of instance has been decreased from 8 to 4
  • 300 monsters will be spawned at once in the instance. Time limit is 5 minutes. Full reward will be given after you have defeated all the monsters successfully, else rewards will be given according to the number of monsters defeated
  • You can now choose between EXP or material as reward. Selected reward will be given after the instance has been cleared. You can no longer obtain both EXP and material reward at the same time
  • If you have chosen material reward as your choice of reward, it will be automatically chosen again for subsequent runs
  • A pop up will show up upon using Monster Records for players to choose their desired reward type

6. Optimization of MVP Room in Echoing Corridor

  • Monsters in MVP room will spawn 2 seconds after Adventurers have entered (to avoid Adventurers from getting killed due to connection lag). Flying Wheel in MVP room will activate and deal damage after 2 seconds as well
  • Special effects in MVP room will appear randomly in Level 1-60, however the amount remains the same

7. Optimize the prompt when the temporary backpack reaches the storage limit

8. Optimize the special visual effects of Dragon Breath and Dragon’s Water Breath skills

9. GVG Time Adjustment

  • The WoE at 21:00-22:00 every Thursday will be moved to 19:00-20:00 every Thursday.
  • The WoC at 21:00-21:30 every Sunday will be moved to 19:00-19:30 every Sunday.

Issue Fixed

  1. Fixed the bug whereby Blue Gemstone is consumed when using Badr’s Aria with Mistress Card equipped
  2. Fixed the bug whereby Wildfire Armor – Alight in Wildfire’s Aesir Monument does not take effect
  3. Fixed Skill Instrument Expert whereby SP consumption is not reduced for Blazar Trap, Dark Matter Trap, Star Searching Trap
  4. Fixed skill Dragon Howl whereby refine +15 bonus multiplier is only 100%
  5. Fixed Dark Lord Card’s effect that will be triggered by auto attack
  6. Fixed the skill Suffragium’s Aesir Monument effect, Sacrifice Ode which will automatically be released every 10 seconds. It will now be released again only after the buff duration is up
  7. Fixed the bug whereby it is not possible to do Guild Blessing when Belief Token is sufficient but Zeny is insufficient
  8. Fixed the bug whereby Returning Rune of Super Novice will have a cooldown of 30 seconds upon equipping it
  9. Issue of when employer is not attacking but Mercenary Cats will still deal damage to monsters is fixed
  10. Fixed the red dot notification in Adventurer Handbook which did not disappear if rewards for Ruin Treasure are taken
  11. Fixed the bug of unable to enter Home of Honeymoon after getting married
  12. Fixed the problem that the Lost Inheritance mission report shows error
  13. Fixed the issue where the number of drops for The Revenant MVP shown in the Adventure Manual was incorrectly displayed
  14. Fixed the bug whereby the appearance of some weapons can be enhanced, refined and enchanted
  15. Fix the problem whereby [Adven. Class B] achievements in Adventure Handbook cannot be activated
  16. Fixed the problem whereby Silver Medal is required for Agony Trial
  17. Fix the problem where some Adventurers are unable to purchase Gold Deviruchi Wing