The Life and Living TV show in Project Zomboid is scheduled daily between 12 and 6 (AM and PM). How much exp do I get if I watch every episode? Let’s take a look.

The default Day 1 start time is 9AM. You’ll be able to catch the cooking show and gain a bit over Level 1 Cooking straight away.

Life and Living

112AM (00:00)*Fishing75
6AM (06:00)Cooking112.5
12PM (12:00)Carpentry75
6PM (18:00)Fishing62.5
26AM (06:00)Cooking75
12PM (12:00)Carpentry75
6PM (18:00)Farming75
36AM (06:00)Cooking62.5
12PM (12:00)Carpentry100
6PM (18:00)Fishing75
46AM (06:00)Cooking87.5
12PM (12:00)Carpentry75
56AM (06:00)Cooking75
12PM (12:00)Carpentry112.5
6PM (18:00)Foraging50
66AM (06:00)Cooking62.5
12PM (12:00)Carpentry100
6PM (18:00)Trapping112.5
76AM (06:00)Cooking87.5
12PM (12:00)Carpentry112.5
6PM (18:00)Foraging100
86AM (06:00)Cooking125
6PM (18:00)Carpentry37.5
96AM (06:00)Cooking75
*To catch this time slot you'll need to adjust your sandbox game start time to 2AM or 5AM.

Watching It All

Without any exp boosts watching every episode of life and living will give your character Lv. 3 Cooking and Carpentry plus Lv. 1 in Farming, Fishing, Foraging and Trapping.

Note: We have not included the very first episode that airs between 12-6AM. The default start time is 9AM so unless you adjust your sandbox settings you’ll miss this one.

SkillSkill Level
(Total Slow Learner EXP)
Skill Level
(Total Base EXP)
Skill Level
(Total Fast Learner EXP)
CarpentryLv. 2
(481.25 EXP)
Lv. 3
(687.5 EXP)
Lv. 3
(893.75 EXP)
CookingLv. 3
(533.75 EXP)
Lv. 3
(762.5 EXP)
Lv. 3
(991.25 EXP)
FarmingLv. 0
(52.5 EXP)
Lv. 1
(75 EXP)
(97.5 EXP)
(148.75 EXP)
(212.5 EXP)
Lv. 2
(276.25 EXP)
ForagingLv. 1
(105 EXP)
(150 EXP)
(195 EXP)
TrappingLv. 1
(78.75 EXP)
(112.5 EXP)
(164.25 EXP)

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