Here’s an Arknights base guide to help you build your layout to maximize passive LMD income. Additionally unlocking the Office facility grants the ability to reroll during recruiting.

Base Setup

The left hand side of the base contains 9 spaces. This is where you can pick and choose what facilities to place. There are 3 types of facilities:

  • Power Plant (Produces Drones, Powers other rooms)
  • Factory (Produces Pure Gold and Other Resources)
  • Trading Post (Trade Pure Gold for LMD)

Not sure what to produce in your Factory?
Pure Gold (Trade for LMD) or Battle Records (EXP) are great choices.

LMD (Lungmen Dollars) is the main currency in Arknights

Recommended Setup Examples

2 Trading Posts
4 Factories
3 Power Plants
Beginner friendly
Best for passive play
2 Trading Posts
5 Factories
2 Power Plants
Higher output
But more management required**
**Low level Dorms means more micromanaging required to maintain operator morale.

Changed your mind? Removing facilities give a full refund. You can switch things up anytime free of cost.

The Office

Unlocking and placing an operator in the Office will passively generate “Contracting”. Think of it as a counter that fills up that can be used for refreshing recruitment tags.

Benefits of The Office
The ability to refresh recruitment tags means more chances at better operators. Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to get the Top Operator tag you can get your hands on a 6 Star operator.

How to Unlock
You will first need Control Center Lv. 3. Then you will need to clear a few spaces on Floor B3 before you can build the Office located on the far right (See Above).

The Workshop

You can craft all these here:

  • Base Materials (for base upgrades and furniture materials)
  • Elite Materials (for promoting your operators)
  • Skill Summary (for upgrading operator skills)
  • Chip (for promoting operators)
  • Furniture (Recycle furniture)

The Reception Room

Where you earn Friendship Credits. Place operators in the Reception Room to find clues. Every clue found grands 20 Friendship Credits. Additionally you can also send, receive clues and visit your friends from your friends for more Friendship Credits.

The Dormitory

When you assign operators to base facilities their morale will decline over time. Place them in the dormitory to recover their morale.

Managing good morale is required so that your operator buffs remain active when they are assigned to facilities.

The Control Center

Increase your operators trust by assigning them as Base Assistants and interacting them upon reset.

All operators assigned to base facilities can be interacted with upon the daily reset. Operators assigned to the Control Center as Base Assistants will receive an extra interaction during the mid-day reset.

The RIIC Assistant will gain trust according to the total atmosphere of all your dorm rooms in your base.

Floor Assistants will also gain trust but is only affected by their corresponding floor’s dorm room’s atmosphere.

Operator Bonus

Operators each have bonus buffs that are active when they are assigned to specific facilities.

Details of the bonus will be displayed (See Above) when you highlight an operator for assigning to a facility.

Additionally operators with applicable buffs for the facility you are assigning to will have their buff icon (Above Morale Bar) highlighted.