Join the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge event and earn Talent Materials, Primogems, Mora and Hero’s Wit and Battle Pass EXP.

Event Details

Event Duration
2020/12/4 10:00:00 — 2020/12/14 03:59:59 (Server time)

Reach Adventure Rank 20 or above, and complete Hughes’ quest “Fly High”.

Event Rewards
During the event period, Travelers can complete time-trial Gliding Challenges to win Talent Level-Up Materials, Primogems, Mora, and Hero’s Wit!

New event-related BP Missions have been added to Fading Star. Complete them to receive BEP.

How it Works

First thing to do is to open up the events overview screen. Then select “Go to Challenge” to be guided to the quest point.

Activate mechanism (Red Challenge Totem) to start the Gliding Challenge.

The Goal

The aim is to get enough points in each course so that you can collect all the rewards (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

New Gliding challenges will be added daily so make sure to do them all to get all the rewards.

A Few Tips

  1. You can retake challenges as many times as you like. So keep trying until you have enough points to unlock all the rewards in each challenge.
  2. Collect Gold Insignias for more points.
  3. Collecting air particles (blue orbs) will allow you to use the speed boost ability.
  4. If you are losing altitude you can use the Ascend skill (“E” Key) to fly upwards.