How to become a Mentor in Ragnarok Mobile, find students, earn Mentor Medals and trade them for extra Combat Time Stamina, Meteoric Chain and more.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

As a mentor you can earn Mentor Medals (more on this later). These medals can be traded at the Mentor Shop in Prontera (Next to Terch, See Below) for a variety of items.

Mentor Shop
Notable items include Mentor’s Potion and Meteoric Chain.

Prior to Episode 6 Mentors would gain Combat Time (Stamina) by being on the same map a student while they are expending Combat Time. This has been replaced with the Mentor’s Potion.

Mora Coin25 Mentor Medals-
Eden Coin2 Mentor Medals-
Guild's Gift
20 Mentor MedalsOpen for 25 Guild Contribution Points
Ph.D Hat1,500 Mentor MedalsMax HP +50
Max SP +50
INT +1
Deposit: Max SP +10
Unlock: n/a
Pet Adventure Coupon60 Mentor MedalsPet Adventure will not consume combat time and will meet one extra pet ability
Pet Adventure Coupon3 BCCPet Adventure will not consume combat time and will meet one extra pet ability
Monster Records60 Mentor MedalsInstantly clear Monster Laboratory
Monster Records3 BCCInstantly clear Monster Laboratory
Meteoric Chain20 Mentor MedalsConsume 4x Combat time and receive 4x EXP and drops for 30 mins
Meteoric Chain1 BCCConsume 4x Combat time and receive 4x EXP and drops for 30 mins
Mentor's Potion60 Mentor Medals+30 mins Combat Time
Mentor's Potion3 BCC+30 mins Combat Time
Adventure Guide2,000z+170% EXP gained by Student for 24 hrs
Guardian Scroll2,000z+20 All Stats of Student for 1.5 hrs

How to Become a Mentor

You will need to be Base Level 85 to become a Mentor.

Just speak to Terch in Prontera (See Above) and answer a few questions:

Q: Do you know what yo do as a mentor when your students have learning difficulties?
A: Encourage student

Q: Do you know what students can do if they want to increase their Adventurer Level?
A: Collect monster index

Q: Do you know which company is providing Teleport service for adventurers
A: Kafra

Q: Would you vow to treat your students sincerely?
A: True (O)

Q: Would you vow to help your students as far as possible?
A: True (O)

Higgy Eez in Adventurers League HQ will ask you to a few vows. Just answer True to all of them.

That’s it! Now head back to Terch to be a mentor.

Enrolling Students

To earn Mentor Medals you will first need a student! There are two ways you can enroll them:

  1. From your Friends List Mentor Tab you can select “Find Student”.
  2. Invite a friend to enroll as a Student directly from your Friend List (Preferred Method)

Players will need to be Base Level 10-84 to enroll as a Student.

Once your student accepts your invitation their character will be listed in your Mentor Tab.

Earning Mentor Medals

Students completing daily adventure quests will reward Mentor Medals:

TaskMentor Medals
Finish 1 Board Quest (Daily)5
Finish 2 Board Quest (Daily)10
Finish 3 Board Quest (Daily)15
Finish 2 Time Rift (Daily)5
Finish 5 Time Rift (Daily)15
Clear the Training Grounds (Daily)10
Accept mentor [Adventure Guide] (Daily)30
Finish 1 Valhalla Ruins (Weekly)80
Pass 20 floors in Endless Tower (Weekly)20
Pass 40 floors in Endless Tower (Weekly)30
Pass 50 floors in Endless Tower (Weekly)40
Pass 60 floors in Endless Tower (Weekly)50

Mentor Medals are stored until collected. Unclaimed rewards are erased periodically so make sure to collect them.


How much extra Stamina can I get per Day?
You can consume a max of 2 Mentor’s Potions per day, granting +60 mins Stamina. It will cost 120 Mentor Medals per day (much easier to achieve with 2+ Students).

How many Mentor Medals can I earn?
Up to 900 per week.

How many Students can I have?
You can have up to 3 Students simultaneously.