Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 Kafra Adventure Log includes a new set of rewards players can earn. Additionally there are a few changes from when it was first introduced. Let’s take a look.

New Reward Structure

The first thing you will notice is that there is a new row called the Collection Edition. This is essentially what used to be the Lv. 101-150 rewards.

It’s likely that this change was introduced to make it easier for players to unlock all the rewards before the deadline.

It would be pretty annoying to pay for premium rewards and not be able to collect them all …

So now at Lv 100 you will unlock all the rewards. Everyone will get the Regular rewards.

Those who have purchased the Upgraded Edition (used to be called Kafra Adventure Log I) can receive the Advanced Rewards.

Finally players with the Collection Edition (used to be called Kafra Adventure Log II) can also get the Collection Edition Rewards.

Premium Worth It?

The Upgraded Edition and Collection Edition can be purchased one after another.

Upgraded Edition

  • Weekly Max EXP +20%
  • Extra EXP from Quest +10%

Collection Edition

  • Weekly Max EXP +30%
  • Extra EXP from Quest +20%

Previously the Collection Edition equivalent provided no additional EXP gain. However this has now changed.

Whether or not you will need the additional boost will depend on how active you are with your Assistant tasks.

However given the change to maximum level it’s likely that you shouldn’t have a problem for active players to unlock all the rewards.

Exchange Rewards

One notable change is the removal of the Opal Box. Players could exchange 5 Tokens for one of these boxes. Opening it would reward a random headwear.

This was not only quite affordable token wise but also at times would give headwear that would otherwise cost millions of zeny to craft. And yes, you could purchase as many boxes as you liked as long as you had the tokens.

This time round we have the Card Supply Bag. Costing 9 Tokens each, opening this bag rewards a random EP 7.0 or earlier card with a chance of obtaining an exclusive orcacle card.

Note: Cards from the Card Supply Bag does not provide the Unlock Reward.