Complete the Niflheim main quest to unlock Hella’s Servant, Hella’s Winged Helm and fly wings for The Misty Forest and Skellington.

I was looking through the list of back items in the Adventure Handbook and came across this floating blue ghost dog. It looks awesome! Needless to say, I had to have it.

You will need to be at least Base Level 105 to start the Stage 1 Quest and Base Level 106 to start the Stage 2 Quest.

Main Quest Stage 1

If you open the achievement tab in your Adventure Handbook you will see that to unlock the achievement “Sinister Journey” you must complete the quest “Town of the Dead Main Quest Stage 2”.

This probably sounds familiar if you’ve gotten the Eye of Dawn or Golden Antenna.

First head to the north part of Prontera (See Above). You’ll then be directed to Umbala, before jumping down into the “Two Hanged Ghosts” bar. Speak to the bartender Wallace (Red Quest).

Alright that should be enough to get you going. Follow the quest prompts and you’ll do just fine.

Tip: As usual its a good idea to do whatever you can to max your movement speed as there will be a lot of running around.


The following are questions you will encounter throughout the quest. They are listed in order and will help give an idea of your progress:

Q: …What’s this…hic…
A: Wine

Q: What’s the real identify of Hella?
A: Goddess of death

Q: What does Hella rely on to control Niflheim
A: Authority of Nine Wo…

Q: Where is Hella?
A: Elijudnir Palace

Q: Now we know about Hella’s two attendants, but where should we start looking for them…
A: Ask some souls

Q: But, if she destroyed it herself, then why does she want us to resotr it?
A: Some other motive

Q: A new dish! I want to try too!!
A: Fine

Q: If I haven’t guessed wrong, Ivan’s wife must be at the…
A: Altar

Q: Let go of me!
A: He knows Ivan

Q: The leader of the Resistance is…
A: Dawson

Hella’s Winged Helm

You’ll eventually receive the quest Desire of Souls and pick some flowers for Jager. This marks the end of Stage 1 of the Niflheim Main Story Quest.

The quest prompts will lead you back to the Two Hanged Ghosts tavern where you will unlock the Surviving the Town of the Dead achievement.

Don’t forget to collect your free Hella’s Winged Helm headwear from your handbook.

It looks umm.. Anyway that’s not what we’re here for. Deposit it for Max HP +30 and its onto Part 2.

Completing Stage 1 will also allow you to use fly wings in The Misty Forest.

Main Quest Part 2

To start the next quest chain head to the east part of Niflheim. There you will find a Dark Preist NPC (See Above).

You will need to collect 12x soul faiths. There will be 4 daily quests you can complete each will reward 1x soul faith. Therefore it will take you at least 3 days to complete this quest.

These are the daily quests available to you (See Above for locations):

  1. Russell – 30x Stone from Tomb Zombies (The Misty Forest)
  2. Marley – Speak to NPCs (Niflheim)
  3. Old Max – Slay 40x Quves (The Misty Forest)
  4. Christopher – 40x Vials of Juice from Gibbets (The Misty Forest)

There’s still a fair amount of chatting to go but the rest is pretty straight forward. Here’s a list of questions to give you an idea of your progress:

More Questions

Q: And where do you think that is…
A: Skellington

Q: Mandarin jelly toffee!
A: Mandarin jelly toffee

Q: Orange, jelly, toffee.
A: Cream butter

Q: Send me to Skellington!
A: Send me to Skellingt…

Q: So, what did you find?
A: Jar of Honey

Q: Do you think he knows about the Gem?

A: No

Q: So what’s my name?
A: None of them

Q: Adventurer, do you know what my name is?
A: Add the names toge…

Completing Stage 2 will also allow you to use fly wings in Skellington

Hella’s Servant

After placing candles on some tomb stones you’ll be invited to enter the tomb. This marks the end of Stage 2 of the Niflheim Main Story Quest.

Smile to the Red Ghost and Cry to the Blue Ghost. Defeat the Gem Guardian, take the gem and head back to the Two Hanged Ghosts to collect your reward.

Don’t forget to collect your free Hella’s Servant backwear from your handbook.