Unlock the Ecopoco Workshop Craft House in the Cloudsea Archipelago Comodo Housing System to craft Ancient Equipment.

You will have to have first unlocked Cloudsea Archipelago then have unlocked the Sawmill.

Ecopoco Workshop

  1. The Ecopoco Workshop was added to Ragnarok Mobile in Comodo Update Part 2. Once you have unlocked the Sawmill there will be an additional quest available: Snail’s Workshop.
  2. The quest is pretty straight forward, just speak to a few NPCs to unlock Lulie and the Ecopoco Workshop.

Craft Ancient Equip

  1. To craft Ancient Equip you will need Super Screws. Super Screws can be purchased from the Magic Box with Cloud Stone.
  2. You can purchase a max of 2 Super Screws per week. 1 will be available for purchase upon unlocking the Workshop. To unlock the other simply max upgrade your Magic Box New in Limited Edition upgrade.

Upgrade Workshop

  1. Next at the Workshop you will want to max upgrade Fine Production. It will cost 14,875 Cloudstone but will increase the chance of getting high random stats.
  2. Additionally you can upgrade Rapid Crafting to reduce forging time. It will cost 8,750 Cloudstone but will reduce crafting time from 7 to 5 days.
  3. One last thing. To unlock Armor Forging we will need to activate the bond Powerful as an Ox.

Next: Unlock Ecopoco Workshop Armor Forging Powerful as an Ox (Coming Soon)

Ancient Armor Crafting

  1. To unlock Armor Forging you will need to unlock the Powerful as an Ox Bond ie unlock Mactung + Angus. You should already have unlocked Mactung so all you will need Angus.
  2. What we need to do is complete the Pessimism Quest. To get the quest upgrade Sajaja’s Affection to 28 (7 Hearts).
  3. Head over to your Magic Box and purchase the required amount of Fishing Rods. Remember each gift will fill half a heart.
  4. Follow the quest chain to find Angus at Comodo. That’s it!