How to get more Lightning Chain for your farming needs.

Lightning Chain lasts for 60 mins (duration consumption is paused when not in Green Stamina). Whilst active the player earns 2x Loot and 2x EXP, however it also consumes 2x Stamina. In essence you farm at twice the speed.

So why is this good? Well, whilst the Lightning Chain consumes stamina at twice the rate, this doesn’t apply to consumable buffs. This essentially halves your consumable buff cost. This includes Cooked Meals, Stat Meals, Awakening Potions, Converters and Alloys.

This is especially good for premium users as they have no limit on Lightning Chains use (Non-premium are limited to 7 a week). This means to cover 360 stamina you will need 3x Lightning Chains per day. We’re going to list 3 ways to help keep your Lightning Chain Supply healthy.

1. Board Quests (Use your Alts)

ragnarok mobile board quest lightning chain

Board Quests are the main way you can get “free” Lightning Chains. You get 10 Board Quests per day, some of these may reward Lightning Chains. To make the most of this you should complete the Board Quests that reward Lightning Chains on your Alts as well. Although the rewards are random the amount of Lightning Chains you receive over time is quite sufficient as long as you are making use of all 3 of your character slots.

2. Pet Labor

ragnarok mobile pet labor

The Pet Labor “Item Shop” provides Lightning Chains. Although I find this a bit less consistent than Board Quests as the pool of rewards is quite large. However nonetheless it is a great way to top up your Lightning Chain stash.

3. Purchasing From Event NPC

ragnarok mobile event npc

No luck with Board Quests? As a last resort you can purchase Lighting Chains for 50,000z from the Event NPC Hokkala Kim in Prontera. You’ll have to work out whether this is worth it. You can base this decision on what consumables you are using. If the total savings on consumables exceeds the cost of the Lightning Chain then its worth the purchase.

Additional Info

  • It is favorable to not use Lightning Chain when farming Cards for Unlock Rewards. This is because more farming time means more of a chance you will loot the card. Lightning Chain essentially halves farming time. Although with the Chain you will receive 2x Cards on loot you will also be burning your stamina at 2x the rate.
  • Lightning Chain duration is only consumed during Combat whilst with Green Stamina
  • Lightning Chain duration stacks upon use. Therefore you can stack up a bunch before your premium expires.