Ragnarok Mobile Episode SP Update arrives in Global server. Highlights include a new playable Doram race, towns Rachel and Lasagna and accessory synthesis.

Ragnarok Mobile Episode SP available on Global as of 1 April 2020

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Client Update

  1. New Version SP “Sweet Summoner” will be available
  2. First Recharge Double Bonus will be reset.

New Game Play

New Race – Doram

  1. Adventurers can create a character under the Doram Race and start your journey as a Doram
  2. The Doram Race is also available through Multi-job
  3. The job ascendency for Doram is the same as the human race
  4. There will be brand new headwear and other accessories available for Doram
  5. Doram Notice:
    * All Dorams can still marry Humans
    * All human headwear and accessories are available for Doram as well (When wearing actual Tail Accessory, it will replace the Doram’s tail)
    * Doram can equip all human costumes (Some Costumes are not available through the view panel. We will add all of them as soon as possible)
    * The Doram race has it’s own hairstyle and contact lenses. Please be careful when purchasing!
    * Doram’s pose action will have some interesting interactions with certain NPCs and monsters
    * The Doram race is a Mid-Size, Neutral Element, Demi-Human Race

New Map and Area – Rachel & Lasagna Field

  1. New Major Town: Rachel, and new map: The Plain of Ida, Holy Ground, Holy Ground Underground, Ice Cave. Adventurers can go to the Plain of Ida by taking the Air Ship in Izlude.
  2. New Main storyline available for Rachel. When you reach base level 125, you can head to Prontera Healueman to accept the mission “The Glory of Rune”
  3. New Town: Lasagna. New Map: Malangdo Cloud Island, Lasagna, Dorado Island, Ravioli Forest, Treasure Cave. Adventurers can head to Prontera South, the Cat-Ear Nebula Portal, to enter Lasagna Area
  4. 4 New MVP: Ktullanux, Hill Wind, Gloom Under Night, Lady Tanee; the Gloom Under Night MVP requires a special way to be summoned; 4 New Mini: Ice Titan, GALION, Fallen Bishop, Basilisk.
  5. New mission board quest for level 20 to 35 in Lasagna, only available for Doram Race
  6. New Mission for Lasagna Area
  7. New star monsters for Rachel Area
  8. New Headwear Dungeon —— Cake Battle

New headwear Dungeon – Cake Battle

  1. At level 80, Adventurers can visit the Cake Merchant Elnie on Izlude, Lasagna, or Rachel to enter the dungeon.
  2. The rewards are 【White Snow Marshmallow】and【Star Strawberry】
  3. New added deposited stats for refined headwear equipment
  4. Some headwear will have a new added deposit stats which can be activated after Refining +6, or Refining +8
  5. Headwear Deposit optimization, you can one click to deposit your headwear by using the fast deposit button
  6. Certain Headwear will have a special effect after Refining “Evil Wing Ears”. Pipe, Nut on Head, Butterfly Wing Ears, and Singing Bird will have a special effect after Refining +8.
  7. Kafra Adventure Log Experience
    * Players may complete Assistant Quests and the SP Version Challenge to obtain experience and level up the Kafra Adventure Log;
    * Level up the Kafra Adventuer Log to get the respective rewards;
    * The Kafra Adventure Log contains Normal and Advanced Rewards;
    * After purchasing the SP Advanced Kafra Adventure Log, the SP Kafra Advanced Adventure Log II will be available for purchase;
    * The Kafra Adventure Log has amazing rewards, time to level-up! On May 30th, the biggest final reward – Famous Warrior Costume – will be available!
  8. GvG Change: The GvG on Thursday 9:00~9:30 will be changed back to 9:00~10:00

Character Progression

  1. Maximum Base level is now increased to 140
  2. Third-job change maximum job level is now increased to 80, skill 【Force Focus】 maximum level is now Lv.20
  3. Certain Accessory items are able to use Magic Fuse (Accessory Synthesis)
  4. New equipment for the Rachel Area.
  5. New ★ Monster Cards are able to be crafted at King Poring in Prontera South
  6. Monster Card from EP 6.0 are now added into The Fantasy Generator III
  7. EP6.0 MVP and Mini Cards are able to get from Combined Fate at King Poring
  8. New Runes for each classes, there will be 2 new added runes for each class
  9. 4 New Pets can be captured: Yolk Poring, Injustice, Roween, Siroma; 6 new pets can be fused: Wind Ghost, Fire Elf, Tomb Zombie, Medusa, Fire Witch, Osiris
  10. Homeland System 2.0
    * Adventurers who have unlocked the Homeland feature can go talk to NPC “Ferrut” in Prontera to unlock Garden
    * The furniture will have indoor and outdoor restrictions.
    * New feature: message board. It can record all visitors.
    * More new furniture has been added to the game
    * Houses can have cosmetic effects


  1. When the new client has been updated, all of the First Recharge double bonus will be reset
  2. New Version Premium Card【SP Premium】: use it to receive: Holy Wings headwear; Eden Coin*1000; Sacred Book Remains*1000; Faith Nail*50; Godess Box *1; Greed Chest SP *1

Content Update

  1. New Armor “Holy Wings – Light Chant”: Complete Rachel’s NPC Giller’s Quest to obtain the Exchange Scroll for the armor on Giller’s Armor Shop.
  2. New Cart “Ten Directions”: Complete Rachel’s NPC Ronast’s quest to obtain the Exchange Scroll for the cart on Ronast’s Cart Store.
  3. Epic Spirit difficulty added for the 12 players Thanatos Tower
    * Search for the Entrance NPC “Gageel” to select the Epic Spirit difficulty
    * The Epic Spirit difficulty BOSS has a chance to drop the special item “Angel Snow Feather” – collect 6 to obtain legendary Wings (backwear)
    * Monument in Izlude: “Hero’s Glory” Memorial – used to record the Completion Status on the Epic Spirit Difficulty
    * The team that completes the stages first will obtain extra exchange items.
    * If the first clearance team has members that belong to a single guild, it will create a Guild Access. Guild members will also receive extra rewards.* New Epic Spirit Tag on the Team Search
    * Complete the Epic Spirit Difficulty to obtain the Epic Spirit and Novice difficulty rewards, but will not share the completion status.
    * Changed “Stasis” to interact with the 4th floor Boss “Nightmare Outburst” with no effect.
  4. Assistant Improvements
  5. Kafra Defense Drop Improved: Normal Monster drops on Kafra Defense now do not suffer level and battle time restrictions, drops will randomly go to players in the drop range.
  6. Storage Space, item stacks now hold 99999 for most items.
  7. 8 New Interesting Wooden Stakes on the Furniture Shop
  8. Added Osiris and Time Manager to the list of wild dead, and opened Osiris ★ Card and Time Manager ★ King Poring Cards Advanced Customization
  9. Personal Shop no longer drops prices on the Exchange
  10. Optimized the chanting spirit skill “Goat Power” to stack time with the “Celebration Magic Wand” effect