Gravity opens pre-registrations for Ragnarok Mobile EU Server. There’s currently limited information on the coming launch. But European fans can look forward to finally getting their hands on Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

But what about Global? Is the European player base so big that it warrants a dedicated server? Simple answer … no.

Ragnarok Mobile in Europe

Technically, Ragnarok Mobile was never made “available” in Europe. If you head over to the official Ragnarok M Global website you’ll find their terms of service specifically highlight that (except for Russia and CIS) services are not provided to “European Users”.

Supported Languages will include: English, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese

Although no specific launch date has yet been provided. According to their Investor Relation August 2019 presentation, the European Launch has been set for the 3rd Qtr of 2019.

Head over to Pre-Register Now!