Let’s take a look at the best skills to level in Project Zomboid and how to level them fast. Not all skills are essential so here are recommendations on what to focus.

Essential Skills

Below is a list of non-combat non-passive essential skills you will want to focus on in Project Zomboid:

SkillMain Use
(Key Levels)
How to Level
ElectricalHotwire Cars
- Just get Lv.1 to hotwire cars*
Dismantle electronics
- Collect and take apart digital watches
MechanicsVehicle Maintenance
- Lv. 2 to hotwire cars*
- Lv. 6 to maintain standard/heavy vehicles
- Lv. 7 to maintain sports cars
Install/uninstall car parts
- Uninstall windshields
TailoringUpgrade clothing protection
- Lv. 8 to completely repair holes in clothes
Add/Remove patches
- Use Ripped Sheets/Denim Strips for leveling
CarpentryBase Building
- Lv. 4 unlocks rain collector barrels
- Lv. 6 unlocks stairs
- Lv. 7 unlocks best walls
Dismantle furniture
- Double beds and large wardrobes give the best exp
- Watch Life and Living
*Lv. 1 Electrical + Lv. 2 Mechanics are required to hotwire cars

To level faster read the relevant skill books before you start grinding EXP.