ragnarok mobile monthly premium

There are two ways to buy the Ragnarok Mobile Premium monthly card. Buy it with good ol’ real world monies (it’ll set you back $7.99 USD). Or through the Exchange. As at 13/1/19 it will set you back around 1.8 million zeny in Global and 2.7 million zeny in SEA …

ragnarok mobile monthly premium mail

The funds from the sale of monthly premium cards goes towards maintaining and improving ragnarok mobile (hopefully…).

Monthly Premium Features

ragnarok mobile premium headgear

Here’s what you get with your purchase:

  • +33% Exp and Loot of normal monsters before combat time runs out.
  • +5% Base and Job Exp gained from battle.
  • +10% Honor Proof output (Used for unlocking guild runes).
  • +1 Headgear (Type of headgear changes by month).
  • +1 Auto battle skill slot.
  • Unlimited lightning chain use.
  • +30 Bag slots.
  • +1 Pet that can simultaneously work in Pet Labor.
  • Unlock Pet Labor Kafra Company working place.
  • Pets give double gifts (More Meatballs!).
  • No level limit for taking items out of shared storage.
  • 1x Free B Level Food from Food Merchant every day and can purchase another for half price.
  • Additional locations you can teleport to via Kafra Co.
  • Get Big Cat Credit Card.
  • MVP interface will also show Mini-MVP spawn timer.
  • +1 Slot to Ymir’s Notebook

Each premium ticket can be applied to one character and lasts for 31 days. You can check how many days you have left on an active premium card by clicking your profile. The number of days left will be displayed next to your class.

Conclusion – Ragnarok Mobile Premium. Is it worth it?

The good stuff. The high value features from the Ragnarok Mobile premium monthly card.

  • +33% Exp and Loot (Very big advantage especially in the early stages of the game)
  • +1 Auto skill slot (Can be very convenient for classes that require more auto skill slots. Free to play players have 3 slots in the early stages of the game and only get their next (4th) slot at Adventure Class D. Which involves several expensive boss materials for the upgrade)
  • Unlimited Lightning Chain Use. (Very useful. Free to play players can only use 7 a week. Using the lightning chain doubles exp and loot gained. This is especially useful as it essentially halves the cost of converters and other buffs.)

The not bad. Additional noteworthy features of Ragnarok Mobile premium.

  • +1 Pet Labor Slot (Free to play players generally occupy Item shop then Cooking center. With the extra slot and Kafra Co unlocked you would receive Big Cat Vouchers, Dyestuffs, Mora Coins and other materials)
  • Additional teleportation locations (More of a qualify of life improvement as you won’t have to do as much walking)
  • Double Meatballs from pets (Again another quality of life improvement as you will better afford instant rift and board quests)

Ragnarok Mobile Premium comes with its perks. The features are especially beneficial early on in the game. So for those who are considering making the purchase, you may want to do so early on to make the most of the advantages it gives beginners. For those who don’t want to pay, take comfort in knowing that progression in Ragnarok Mobile is more dependent on game knowledge, consistence and play time.