Ragnarok Mobile Episode 4 introduces 3 new pets; Black Witch, Cruiser and Teddy Bear.

Both the Cruiser and Teddy Bear taming items (Toy Gun and Gift Box) can be purchased from the Prontera South Gate Pet Material Shop (between music box and king poring).

The Black Witch taming item (Worn out Gorgeous Clip) however is an MVP drop (Arch Angeling/Garm), however can be purchased from the exchange.

Catching The New Pets

PetTaming ItemReq: 100% rateMonster LocationPet Labor Skill Bonus

Black Witch

Worn out Gorgeous Clip
(MVP Drop)
7Clock Tower 1FKafra Co. (30%)


Toy Gun
(240 Colorful Shell)
6Toy Factory 1FCooking Center (30%)

Teddy Bear

Gift Box
(280 Colorful Shell)
6Toy Factory 2FPet Association (30%)

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Pet Adventure and Colorful Shells

If you’ve been completing pet adventure with your alts you should at least have enough Colorful Shells to purchase the required taming items for a Cruiser and Teddy Bear (given you haven’t been spending them all).

Although Colorful Shells can’t directly be deposited into your shared stash. You can do so with both the taming items and pet eggs.

Just make sure you save some for EP5.0 which adds the pet fusion feature along with a few more new pets.