Once you have crafted your desired Ancient Relic you can now remold it to max out its stats.

Haven’t crafted your Ancient Relic yet? Check out our guide here.

Remolding Your Ancient Relic

  1. Remolding is pretty straight forward. Just speak to the Ancient Relic NPC in Prontera and switch to the Relic Momold Tab.
  2. Remolding costs Blue (Svartalf Normal Dust) or Yellow (Svartalf Elf Dust) dust.
  3. Remolding can lead to attribute increase, decrease or a combination of both.
  4. Using Yellow dust (BCC item) gives better results. You can still roll a pure decrease however you can discard these.
  5. When using Blue dust you can only discard mixed increase + decrease results. Pure decrease rolls cannot be discarded.
  6. Typically it can cost up to 2,000 Blue dust to reach around 70% unlock. It is generally recommended to save your yellow dust for beyond this point.
  7. It costs a considerable amount of dust to max a relic since there is limited f2p options for obtaining dust.

Some Ancient Relics have additional locked abilities. Remolding these relics to 80% on all attributes will unlock these bonuses.