All 3 Shards locations for the Genshin Impact Thaw All The Shards Out quest are located near the Entombed City. Use Scarlet Quartz to melt them and complete the quest.

  • 1/3 – The first shard can be found in Snow Covered Path
  • 2/3 – The second shard can be found in Starglow Cavern
  • 3/3 – The third and final shard can be found in Entombed City Outskirts

Location 1/3

The first shard can be found in Snow Covered Path (the quest will direct you here). It is slightly south of the waypoint (see above).

You will need to collect Scarlet Quartz and attack the shard (using Pyro will not work).

Once the shard is melted it will reveal the Frostbearing Tree. This is where you can submit the Crimson Agate found around Dragonspine.

There are two more shards to melt.

Location 2/3

The second one can be found in Starglow Cavern. Take the waypoint (see above) and head East. There will be a hole in the ground you can jump through to enter the cavern.

The cavern will lead you towards Skyfrost Nail. There you will find the next shard to melt. Again just grab the nearby Crimson Agate and hit that shard.

Location 3/3

To access the final location you have to complete a puzzle. First head south from the portal (see above) near Entombed City Outskirts.

Use a Cryo character and activate the totems in order (see above). Now just defeat the golems and head inside the cavern.

The final Crimson Agate is behind a gate. You’ll need to lead two Fire Seelies to unlock it.

One can be found in the open, the other is stuck in ice (see above). Use Pyro to free it. That’s it now you can continue with your quest.

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