Is it worth spending resin on farming Fading Star’s Essence in the Star of Destiny third phase of the Unreconciled Stars event? Let’s take a look.

The Rewards

RewardFading Star's EssenceLimit
1x Silver Talent Book412
1x Gold Talent Book124
1x Crown of Sagehood1101
1x Mystic Enhancement Ore1100
3x Fine Enhancement Ore2-
  1. 3x Silver Talent Books are required to craft 1x Gold Talent Book.
  2. However you should purchase silver books first for two reasons. Flexibility and Xingqiu’s ability to refund a portion of Talent Book materials used when crafting.
  3. Typically you will receive 2 Brown Talent Books + 2 Silver Talent books per domain run (costs 20 Resin). Two runs (40 Resin) roughly equates to 5.3 Silver Talent books.
  4. At World Level 6 you can claim 50 Fading Star’s Essence for your 40 Resin.
  5. 50 Fading Star’s Essence can be traded for 12.5 Silver Talent books.
  6. Therefore both the Silver and Gold Talent books potentially provide over 2x value.
  7. Essentially if you are receiving more than 21.2 Fading Star’s Essence for your 40 Resin it’s worth it (21.2 Fading Star’s Essence = 5.3 Silver Talent Books, which is roughly what you get running domains).
  8. The above calculations are quite rough but the value is so far ahead that it shouldn’t matter.
  9. Enhancement Ore options are not worth it as you can obtain these materials farming ore which does not require resin.
  10. Crown of Sagehood is currently limited to the event. Best to purchase this.


  1. Buy Crown of Sagehook
  2. Buy Silver Talent Books
  3. Buy Gold Talent Books
  4. Ignore Enhancement Ore