Jinsoo a Korean competitor takes the championship title as the winner of Drodo’s 2019 Auto Chess Invitational $1mil prize pool tournament.

The 2019 champion managed to take 2 wins during the best of 6 finals. He managed to scrape past his opponent Arch Devil by a single point. Earning him the crown as the top Auto Chess player in the world.

Final Leaderboard Scores

PlacePlayerPrize Pool (USD)
1st🇰🇷 Jinsoo (37pts)$450,000
2nd🇨🇳 Arch Devil (36pts)$200,000
3rd🇨🇳 Kong (31pts)$100,000
4th🇵🇰 ShreddedPuzzle (26pts)$50,000
5th🇰🇷 Land (21pts)$18,000
6th🇩🇪 Seiko (19pts)$18,000
7th🇯🇵 Bomeron (16pts)$18,000
8th🇺🇸 Chuck (12pts)$18,000
2019 Auto Chess Invitational held in Shanghai
Jinsoo taking the title of 2019 Auto Chess Champion
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