This Auto Chess Patch adds the new Ghost Kid Egersis Warrior chess piece, a few balances changes and a load of client fixes and optimisations.

Patch Notes

[Chess Piece]

  1. Ghost Kid: Egersis & Warrior


a. Item

  1. Barbaric Cuirass
    New combination chain: Steel Platemail + Wraith Shard.
    Changes: [REMOVED] +40% Mana Restoration on injury 
  2. Axe of Fury
    New combination chain: Ghost Blade + Shadow Edge.
    Changes:+15% (instead of 40%) ATK Speed, +35 ATK [NEW]
  3. Claw Wand
    New combination chain: Python Wand + Nether Essence.
    Changes: +20 (instead of 50) ATK and +40% Mana Restoration on injury [NEW]

b. Chess Piece

  1. Shining Archer
    Now chooses the farthest enemy as her target; the longer the distance, the greater the damage, and the longer the stun duration.
  2. Argali Knight
    Now heals the ally who is surrounded by the most enemies (instead of the ally with the lowest HP rate)
  3. Unicorn
    Passive ability [NEW]: When Unicorn receives attacks, she reduces the attacker’s ATK Speed by [5%/15%/25%] for 5 seconds.

c. Race & Class

  1. Priest (2)
    Grants a shield that blocks 20% of the damage for the chess player; and if the chess player receives more than 8 damage, gets Green Essence x1.
    Green Essence: Use it to recover 1 – 5 HP for the chess player.
  2. Mech (3)
    After winning a battle, if at least one ally Mech survives, gets Heart of Mech x1.
    Heart of Mech: Use it to immediately refresh the store once.
  3. Mech (6)
    After winning a battle, if at least one ally Mech survives, gets Golden Heart of Mech x1.
    Golden Heart of Mech: Use it to immediately refresh the store once, and 5 Legendary Pieces will show up.


  1. You can now remove Items from equipped chess pieces in the battle
  2. You can now directly check the chessboard animation in the Inventory
  3. You can now choose to hide your on-line status
  4. Added Korean voiceover


  1. Fixed the issue in [Competitive lobby], where the player couldn’t resume the match when the Referee has quit the lobby in the middle of the match
  2. Fixed the lagging problem while spectating
  3. Fixed the issue when canceling the [Auto] function
  4. Fixed the lack of highlight in the store when player owns had the identical chess pieces
  5. Fixed the data error in the Leaderboard: TOP
  6. Fixed the issue in [Expensive Repair Fees] Fantasy mode, where you couldn’t obtain EXP after reaching level 10
  7. Fixed the issue where some chess pieces cast incorrect ability
  8. Fixed the issue where some items were abnormally displayed when selling them
  9. Fixed the resources loading abnormally inside and outside the battle
  10. Fixed the incorrect display of some texts
  11. Fixed the wrong refreshing probability of Dwarf Sniper and Grand Herald in the Store
  12. Fixed the lacking chess pieces issue when refreshing in the Store 


  1. Optimized the presentation of the DPS panel, the basic damage and the ability damage will be displayed separately.
  2. Optimized the display of players’ win and loss on the left of the match interface
  3. In the battle, when there are only two players left, the Fatigue mechanism will take effect after 4 more rounds (but no later than the Round 50), and the calculation of the losing HP is adjusted from rounding up to rounding down. For example: If you remain 3 HP, then the Fatigue will deduct 1 HP (instead of 2)
  4. Added information about required Gold for the next level in the battle
  5. The upper limit of the authorized characters in the chat bar is expanded to 100
  6. You now could check the chat history
  7. Chat text display now is automatically wrapped in the channel
  8. Optimized the Login button
  9. Optimized the display of the chess players in the Inventory interface
  10. Optimized the presentation of chess pieces’ stats in the Illustration interface
  11. Optimized the display of the chess pieces and chess players, those who can fly will no longer have a base
  12. Optimized the screen size ratio in different interfaces
  13. You can now open chests in batches
  14. Added progress bar to the Loading interface after login
  15. The chests now display the images or models of the items that it contains
  16. A notification will pop up after you share something from the game to Facebook