The Lost Riches Event returns to Genshin Impact. Join the event, find treasure, collect Iron Coin and exchange for another Mini Seelie Pet.

For those who completed the first Lost Riches Event this one allows you to pick another Mini Seelie Pet colour.

Event Details

Event Duration
Event Duration: 2021/08/06 10:00 – 2021/08/16 03:59
Event Shop Duration: 2021/08/06 10:00 – 2021/08/20 03:59

Adventure Rank 30 or above
And complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” quest in the Archon Quest

Event Details

  1. Speak to the Event NPC to receive Treasure Seeking Seelie.
  2. Open Events Overview menu.
  3. Select Event Details to open Ulman’s Treasure Book.
  4. Go to Treasure Area marked locations (additional areas will be unlocked as the event progresses).
  5. At each location activate the Treasure Seeking Seelie.
  6. The Seelie will shine when near a treasure.
  7. Dig up all treasures in location to collect Iron Coin (Event Shop Currency).
  8. Complete Challenges (3 in total) for additional rewards.
  9. When digging up treasures you will also find Treasure Map Fragments.
  10. Find all fragments to give a hint for locating Secret Trove.
  11. Upon completing Area 14, the Event Shop will open for the redemption of Mini Seelie (Viola, Dayflower, Rose, Curcuma).
  12. You can only redeem 1 of 4 of the Seelies. So choose carefully.
  13. Each Mini Seelie can only be obtained once so if you purchased one from the previous Lost Riches Event