This Auto Chess Patch adds the new Sacred Lancer and Lava Shaman pieces to the game. New Cave Clan (6) and Shaman (4) synergies and more.

[Chess Piece]


  1. Sacred Lancer Glacier & Warrior
  2. Lava Shaman Cave Clan & Shaman


  1. Skull Hunter Summons a Porcupette, whose base attacks deal physical damage [1-Star] / magical damage [2-Star] / pure damage and who forces the enemies to attack itself [3-Star]

[Race & Class]


  1. Cave Clan (6): All allies gain +350 HP. Ally HP is boosted equally to 700x the percentage of the chess player’s missing HP
  2. Shaman (4): At the start of a battle, turns a random enemy into penguin for 6 seconds. And all ally Shamans get a buff: when killed by an enemy piece, hexes the enemy into a random chess piece of the same cost and the same star level.


  1. Human: with EXP Book, you could now break the population upper limit



  1. Maelstrom: added a 0.5-second CD time to the effect: the base attack has a 25% chance to deal 100 Magical Damage to up to 3 enemies.
  2. Mjollnir: added a 0.5-second CD time to the effect: the base attack has a 25% chance to deal 200 Magical Damage to up to 5 enemies.
  3. Pulse Staff: deals 350 magical damage (instead of value equals to 10% of target’s Max HP + 200 points)
  4. Origin Wand: deals magical damage equals to 10% (instead of 20%) of target’s Max HP + 450 (instead of 300) points

Chess Piece:

  1. The Source: quality: Common (instead of Uncommon); cost [1/3/5] Gold (instead of [2/4/6])
  2. Dragon Knight: his basic ATK is [65/130/260] (instead of [55/110/220])
  3. Beast {6): now the enemy will take 20 (instead of 25) extra Physical Damage when attacked
  4. Warrior {9}: all ally Warriors gain +18 (instead of 20) Armor
  5. Marine (2): all allies +30% (instead of 35%) Magic Resistance
  6. Marine (4): all allies +60% (instead of 70%) Magic Resistance


  1. Optimized the item drop mechanism in creep rounds: since the Round 10, if you win, you will get 1 Item dropped from the creep for sure
  2. Added spectator mode for the Championship matches
  3. Optimized the display of the Scryer’s information in the Chess Store
  4. Moved the [Championship] entry into the menu bar on the right side
  5. Optimized the animation display when opening the chest
  6. Optimized the information display in the Illustration interface
  7. Added player’s nickname to his/her chess player when they jump into others player’s chessboard for watching
  8. When teamed up, you will no longer leave the party after the reconnection
  9. When in a custom lobby, you will no longer leave the Lobby chat channel after the reconnection
  10. Optimized the display of the chess player in the Spectator entry interface
  11. When chatting with a friend, your message will be displayed on the right side of the chat-box
  12. You could unlock the illustration in the Quick mode for a limited time


  1. Fixed the issue where you were not able to view the battle process in some cases
  2. Fixed the incorrect Rune information in the Championship Leaderboard interface after using the filter function
  3. Fixed the issue where the chessboards were displayed incomplete on the devices with a full-screen design


  1. Chess player: Investigator Drodo
  2. Chessboard: Tango Town: Oasis
  3. Chess skin: Spider Queen [Green]


  1. “Item Redeem” event
  2. “Timed Store” event”