7 Tips to help you farm Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact. Here’s how to level AR faster so you can progress further into the game.

Why It’s Important

AR (Adventure Rank) is a hard cap on game progression in Genshin Impact. Here’s a list of notable features AR unlocks:

  • Character and Weapon Ascension Tiers – Increases Max Character and Weapon Level Cap (AR15, AR25, AR30, AR35, AR40, AR45)
  • Character Talents (Requires Ascension Tier 2 ie AR25)
  • World Level (better loot)
  • AR8 – Blossom of Revelation (Ley Line Outcrops)
  • AR12 – Blosson of Wealth (Ley Line Outcrops) and Commissions
  • AR14 – Expeditions (Can send out inactive characters to farm resources)
  • AR16 – Co-op Mode and Domains (Weapon Ascension Materials)
  • AR20 – Spiral Abyss (for farming Primogems) and Battle Pass
  • AR22 – Domains of Blessing (Artifacts)
  • AR27 – Domains of Mastery (Talent Materials)
  • AR40+ – Domains start dropping 5-Star Artifacts

How Long?

Before we get into it. Here’s a bit of an idea of how fast you can expect to level your AR.

IF you use all the methods listed below you should be able to reach AR25 with 2-3 days of reasonable play. This includes being able to enjoy the story quests and not having to skip the awesome voiced dialogue.

If you are in a hurry and just want the levels then it’s totally possible to reach AR25 in 1-2 days.

After AR25 is when things start to slow down. Story quests dry up and the game turns into chest hunter.

When this happens it becomes especially important to do the first step were going to talk about. That is using your Resin!

1. Use Your Resin

Original Resin is the stamina resource of Genshin Impact. It can be used for a variety of tasks (Ley Line, Domains, Bosses). Upon completing these tasks you can spend resin to collect rewards including a good amount of AR EXP.

Your Resin supply replenishes over time (1 every 8mins) but is capped at 120. Therefore if you leave it at max you are essentially wasting valuable AR EXP you could be gaining (your map will tell you how long you have until it’s maxed – See Above).

For comparison, using 20 Resin at Ley Line Outcrops will reward 100AR EXP. You can regenerate 180 Resin a day. That’s a potential 900AR EXP per day.

Common chests reward 20AR each. To receive the same amount of AR EXP you would have to therefore open 30 chests!

In the beginning you can use your Resin for whatever you want. Just make sure it’s not capped. Later on you will want to pick where you spend it more wisely.

2. Refill Your Resin

You can refill your Resin with Primogems. Every purchase will add 60 Resin. However the cost increases after every purchase (this resets daily). You can refill a maximum of 6 times a day.

Refill CountPrimogem CostResin Gained

The first refill is very worth it. Even for F2P players it is advisable that they make use of it daily.

3. Daily Commissions & Adventure Handbook

Commissions are available at AR12 after you speak with the Adventure’s Guild NPC. You can find her near the entrance of Mondstadt.

Complete 4 daily for AR EXP and other rewards including Primogems!

Additionally the Experience tab of your handbook will also reward a one time AR EXP rewards as you complete tasks.

4. Complete Quests

Resin not capped? Commissions completed? Time for quests! Work your way through any available Story Quest or Side Quest.

Quests give a significant amount of AR EXP. However you will eventually hit a point where you need additional AR before more quests are available.

But you will eventually run out of quests or will need additional AR before more quests are unlocked.

This brings us to our next point. Whilst doing quests or when quests aren’t available you should also look out for…

5. Points of Interest

Whilst running around completing quests you should keep an eye out for these points of interest:

  1. Statue of the Seven
    Discover them. Collect Anemoculus and Geoculus and level up your statue for more AR EXP.
  2. Teleportation Waypoints
    Grab them if they are near by. Eventually you will want them all.

6. Domains

Discover and complete your one time domains. They are marked by a diamond with a small blue circle in the center (See Above).

They offer a one time AR EXP reward but is quite significant so don’t miss out.

7. Opening Chests

Now we talk about the dreaded chest hunting. Opening chests reward a small amount of AR.

  • Common – 20AR EXP
  • Exquisite – 20-30AR EXP
  • Precious – 30AR EXP
  • Luxurious – 30AR EXP
  • Shrine – 60AR EXP

Although previously we had believed that some chests respawn. New evidence has confirmed that no chests respawn. However new chests may appear as your AR increases.

The methods we have listed so far are all once off ways of gaining AR. Except for tasks that require Resin.

That is why it is very important to keep spending your resin as it is one of the few alternatives available for gaining AR after once off methods are exhausted.

Aside from spending Resin you can also open chests for AR EXP. The amount is small but there are a lot of chests to open.

As you are progressing through your quests you should be opening nearby chests. Although the amount is small it adds up.

In particular you should keep an eye out for the following:

  1. Locked Chests (typically need to defeat nearby monsters to unlock)
  2. Follow Seelie (Blue Spirits)
  3. Pop Balloons
  4. Time Trial Challenge

In summary. Quests will help you reach AR25. Quests will then start to dry up. You’ll then be left with Commissions, spending Resin and opening Chests.