ragnarok mobile lvl 99 aura

Upon reaching level 99 you become so powerful you start to emit a blue glow, but first you must unlock it …

ragnarok mobile lvl 99 aura quest

To begin the Lvl 99 Aura Quest first head to Prontera South. Speak to St Patrick (Bottom Left of Prontera South- See above) and accept the Four-Leaf Clover quest. The rest is pretty straight forward. He will ask you to speak to some NPC’s in Prontera and Izlude and that’s about it. The answers to the questions you’ll encounter are as follows:

Q: What does Merial want to gain?
A: Health

Q: What does the fruit merchant want to gain?
A: Wealth

Q: Do you think he has a new love and no longer loves me
A: False (X)

Q: What does Alice want to gain?
A: Love

Q: What does Ace want to gain?
A: Glory

For the last part, simply head back to Prontera South and speak to St Patrick again. He will ask a single question. “Adventurer, after all these, what did you eventually gain?” … choose whatever answer you like, any will do.

Can’t see the aura? Go to Settings > Effect > Peak Effect and ensure that Self is ticked.

What now?

So you’ve reached level 99. Well the base level grind doesn’t stop there. As episodes (game updates) are released we expect the base level cap to be gradually raised. Happy grinding!

EP 3.0 Base Level 105
EP 4.0 Base Level 110
EP 5.0 Base Level 120

Lv99 Growth Pack

Don’t forget to open your final Growth Pack. You will receive:

  • 100,000z
  • 1x Random Collection – Blue Card (This unlocks the Loot bonus in your Adventure Handbook, you do not get the card itself)
  • 20x Yggdrasil Berry
  • 10x Mithril Stone
  • 1x Random Dead Branch (MVP)
  • 5x Random Dead Branch (MINI)