ragnarok mobile pet labor

Unlock Pet Labor and maximise pet working efficiency for more rewards. Receive your daily stream of precious Meatballs, EXP Pots, Lightning Chains, Emperium, Food Dishes and more.

Unlock Pet Labor

You will receive the Pet Labor Traveling machine upon completing your unlock pets quest. But you will have to wait until Base Lvl 45 and have a pet at intimacy Lvl 5 before you can access the Pet Labor feature.

Pet Labor Slots

There is a limit to the number of pets you can have working simultaneously. Players start with 2 slots and can increase their slots to a maximum of 5.

However you can increase your slots by +1 by the following:

  • Monthly Premium
  • Purchasing Accomplished Worker Skill (Req: Adventure Rank D)
  • Purchasing Master Worker Skill (Req: Adventure Rank B)

As of Episode 6 players who reach Home Rating Level 7 will receive +1 Pet Labor Slot, increasing the maximum to 6 slots!

What Labor Location to choose?

As your slots are limited you’re probably wondering which pet locations give the best rewards. The top two I’d recommend would be Item Shop and Cooking Center and this is why

  • Item Shop – Provides Base EXP and Job EXP Potions. Large EXP Potions are unlocked at level 60. These give a whopping 500k Base Exp and 50k Job Exp per potion.
  • Cooking Center – This greatly helps your bottomless meatball hunger. It allows for instant completion of rift, training ground and board quest (a great quality of life improvement if you have the meatballs to spare). Furthermore meatballs can also be used to purchase materials for crafting end game gear eg. Devil Wings back piece.

Pet Labor Working Efficiency

ragnarok mobile pet labor working efficiency

Note: You can view the time required in the pet adventure menu, the value will change as you choose your pet (see above)

Working Efficiency refers to how fast your pets can complete their job and get you those tasty rewards. In essence better efficiency means more rewards over time. So how do you maximise pet working efficiency? There are two factors that can reduce working time, the following tables with cover one each.

Pet Intimacy

ragnarok mobile pet poring

The first factor relates to pet intimacy. All pets receive working efficiency boosts at intimacy levels 5, 8 and 10 (listed below). Petting and feeding your pet will raise its intimacy, or if you have the zeny to spare gifting your pet its pet taming item will give it a large intimacy boost.

PetIntimacy LvlReduced Work Time
ragnarok mobile poring
ragnarok mobile lunatic
ragnarok mobile yoyo
ragnarok mobile savage babe
Savage Babe
ragnarok mobile desert wolf baby
Desert Wolf Baby
ragnarok mobile mandragora seed
ragnarok mobile sohee
ragnarok mobile deviruchi
ragnarok mobile green petite
ragnarok mobile baphomet jr
Baphomet Jr
ragnarok mobile isis

Pet Skill

ragnarok mobile pet skill

The second factor is your pet labor skill. Each pet will have their set of combat and utility skills, one of these skills boosts working efficiency when working in a specific working location. To get the most out of your pet you will want to allocate them to their recommended location. These locations and their Lvl 10 working efficiency bonus is listed below.

Pet Labor LocationUnlockRewardRecommended Pet
(Total Efficiency at Lv. 10 Intimacy)
Cooking CenterPet Lvl 70+1 Meatball/30 minsAlice (90%)
Green Petite (70%)
Cruiser (70%)
Item ShopPet Lvl 45+1 Gift Box/50 mins
Fairy (70%)
Mech Hound (70%)
Munak (35%)
Kafra Co.Pet Lvl 45
Premium Card
+1 Gift Box/60 mins
Moonlight Flower (100%)
Zherlthsh (100%)
Little Witch (100%)
Baphomet Jr (100%)
Highland Parasite (80%)
Pet AssociationPet Lvl 50
5 Pets Unlocked
+1 Gift Box/60 mins
Martin Scavenger (90%)
Bongun (70%)
Teddy Bear (70%)
Deviruchi (70%)
Cuisine AssociationPet Lvl 55
Chef Lvl 6
+1 Gift Box/35 mins
Any High Efficiency Pet** (60%)
Marmot (50%)
Mandragora (30%)
Smile AssistancePet Lvl 50
Craft 5 Headgear
+1 Poring Eden Coin/40 mins
Miyabi Ningyo (70%)
Isis (70%)
Incubus (70%)
GuildPet Lvl 60
Adventure Class C
+1 Gift Box/45 mins
Orc Baby (100%)
Dullahan (80%)
Sohee (80%)
ArenaPet Lvl 70
Adventure Class D
+2 Fighter Coins/35 mins
Any High Efficiency Pet** (60%)
Orc Lady (45%)
Orc Warrior (25%)
**High Efficiency Pets include Orc Baby, Moonlight Flower, Alice, Zherlthsh, Baphomet Jr, Little Witch, Fairy and Martin Scavenger

Source: Pet Labor Efficiency Compilation

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Pet Labor Rewards Summary

Item ShopFood MealsFly Wing
Base Exp PotionGiant Butterfly Wing
Job Exp PotionGiant Fly Wing
Lightning ChainPanacea
EmperiumYggdrasil Leaf
Butterfly WingPotions
Various Materials
Kafra Co.Kafra TicketsDyestuff
Mercenary TicketMora Coin
Big Cat VoucherBelief Token
Various Materials
Pet AssociationRainbow ShellPet Exp Potions
Cuisine AssociationCooked MealsCooking Ingredients
GuildContributionHonor Proof

One last thing …

So you may have noticed that higher tier pets have a massive 40% Working Efficiency Boost at Intimacy level 10. So would it be more efficient to use these pets over the lower tier ones regardless of whether they are placed in their recommended location?

Short answer, Yes. For example, a Petite with Intimacy 10 placed in the Item Shop will have a 40% Working Efficiency Boost. This will certainly outclass the Lunatic even with a maxed skill bonus of 10%.

However it takes more effort to raise the intimacy of higher tier pets. You’ll have to pet it more and gift it more. Essentially it will take longer or cost you more (if you were to gift taming items) to max their intimacy.

Oh, and also these pets are very valuable when it comes to Pet Adventure. So you’d likely need a spare one or two before you’d consider placing them in Pet Labor.