The Ragnarok Mobile Weapon Synthesis feature is available from Episode 5. It allows players to further upgrade their weapon to a more powerful form.

Think of it as a super expensive tier upgrade. Here’s how you make use of it and what materials you will need.

How It Works

First head to Al De Baran. There you will find a dancer standing next to a purple “Enchant Fusion” Magic Furnace (See Above). Speak to her first. Once you are done with her dialogue you’ll be ready to use the Magic Furnace.

The process is very straight forward. Select the Enchant Fusion (Magic Furnace) to view all the available Synthesis weapon options.

The Magic Furnace has two sets of weapons. One for single slot weapons and another for duel slotted weapons. Pick the one that is applicable to your weapon of choice.

What You Need

Base Weapon
This is the weapon you are looking to upgrade. It will need to be in its end tier form. Note: You will be prompted to remove any enhancements or slotted cards before synthesis.

Additional Weapons
Two additional weapons one of which will need to be tiered up. The actual weapons and tier requirement will vary depending on the base weapon being used.

Basic + Boss Materials
Many of these basic materials will come from Niflheim monsters.

The Boss Materials can be obtained from the new MVP Monsters added in Episode 5. There are 3 types in total. Here’s a list of their current prices:

MaterialExchange PriceMVP Drop

Little Red Riding Hood

Wolf Grandma

Rag Cape Shard

Bloody Murderer

Shield Shard

Lord of Death

1,000,000 zeny

What Happens After Weapon Synthesis

Do I lose refinement?
No, your weapon will retain its refined level.

What about my enchantments?
You will keep those too.

How about my slots?
Your weapon will keep its slots.

Can I use a broken weapon?
No, your weapon must be “clean”. This also means cards and enhancements will be removed before your weapon is used for synthesis.

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