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Cards in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love are some of the most valuable items you will purchase or have the luck of looting. However their value can drastically change over time. Knowing whether a card is overpriced vs reasonable price will save you millions of zeny. Should I buy that million zeny card? We look at past, present and SEA prices to help answer exactly that.

We’ve taken our Ragnarok Mobile Best Cards List and recorded how these card prices have changed since the launch of Global. These are late game cards you will likely at some point want to purchase or grind for. Either way it will be a significant investment of your Zeny/time. These purchases will put a dent in your zeny pocket. So you will want to make sure you get a good deal. It would defiantly suck to drop 5 million on a card only to watch its price plummet.

The Price Table

Below is a chart to help you make a more informed choice when deciding whether to make your purchase. We will also go into our thoughts of the numbers after the chart. Now before you dive in, here are some key points as to how the table works:

  • All prices are in millions of zeny
  • % Actual Change is based on Global exchange prices from 16/01/19 to 23/01/19
  • % Predicted Change is based on Global vs SEA exchange prices as at 23/01/19
  • SEA server is roughly 4 months ahead of Global. Item prices are greatly affected by what players are buying and what players are selling. This of course changes over time as players level and progress through the game. Therefore we expect prices to move in a similar direction over time and hence would suggest SEA prices as a good predictor of where Global prices will go.
% Actual ChangeSEA
% Predicted Change
Element Modifier
Drainliar Card+20% to Water2.852.995%1.47-51%
Menblatt Card+20% to Earth6.424.68-27%3.70-21%
Mandragora Card+20% to Wind3.002.33-22%1.47-37%
Vadon Card+15% to Fire1.260.87-31%1.0217%
Race Modifier
Goblin Archer Card+20 Crit to Undead1.571.8518%1.81-2%
Goblin Card+15% to Brute0.790.62-22%0.8029%
Green Petite+20% to Dragon1.791.75-2%0.49-72%
Hydra Card+15% to Demi-Human-7.34-7.563%
Peco Peco Egg Card+15% to Formless2.181.76-19%1.34-24%
Steam Goblin Card+20 Crit to Formless1.591.25-21%1.4818%
Size Modifier
Desert Wolf Card+25% to Small7.724.87-37%5.278%
Minorous Card+25% to Large-13.77-9.99-27%
Damage and Crit Modifier
Bapho Jr Card+2 Agi +5 Crit8.605.12-40%5.02-2%
Cramp Card+3 Luk +5 Flee0.700.50-29%0.524%
Greatest General+10% on Final0.700.46-34%0.5315%
Kobold Card+4 Str +10 Crit9.024.99-45%0.99-80%
Argiope CardPoison Armor1.080.63-42%0.52-17%
Marc CardAvoid Freeze2.682.6937%0.75-72%
Marduk CardAvoid Silence0.400.36-10%0.32-11%
Raydric Card-10% Neutral Dmg-7.00-2.34-67%
Thara Frog Card-30% from Demi-Human4.283.09-28%2.26-27%

Here’s what we think

Ok so what we want to do is focus on the last column % Predicted Change as these values give us an idea of where prices are heading.

Cards you do not want to buy … unless you want to lose zeny … alot of zeny

  • Kobold Card (-80%) – On SEA they have been sitting at around 1mil for a while. Currently on the Global exchange for 5 mil, it stands to lose another whopping 4 mil. Like with most cards they start out high as supply is very low, this likely explains Kobold Card’s current inflated price. Once more players start hunting Kobold the price will certainly drop. If by chance you have a Kobold card, consider selling it. By the time you can afford that slotted accessory the card’s price would have likely dipped.
  • Raydric Card (-67%) – Only recently available on the Global exchange. As with many new additions this card is currently overpriced.
  • Marc Card (-72%) – This card held its value around the 2mil mark for a while in SEA. It is a very useful card in PvP and WoE as it protects its user from freeze. I think the current price in SEA of 0.75 mil is quite reasonable, should prices on Global drop to that amount i’d consider nabbing one.
  • Green Petite Card (-72%) – Again this card is likely overpriced as there currently aren’t many players farming petites yet. This isn’t the best race card, as there aren’t as many dragon type monsters worth hunting as compared to the other races. If in the future more dragon type monsters are added then depending on how good they are for farming I would expect the price of this card to go up. If you have the extra zeny consider picking one up once prices drop.

So what Cards are worth buying?

This is where it gets a bit tricky. There are cards that show potential growth like the Vadon Card (+17%), Goblin Card (+29%), Steam Goblin Card (+18%) and the Greatest General Card (+15%). However these cards aren’t all that expensive to begin with. It’s unlikely that you’ll save millions from buying these cards now. Additionally the prices of these cards may in fact drop a bit more before they head upwards. Finally, at an early stage in the game you will likely have better things to spend your zeny on.

The key is to buy cards that have an immediate benefit on your farming. Essentially you will need to toss up between spending your zeny on other upgrades vs purchasing a card that can drastically increase your farming rate, even if you expect the price of the card to dip a bit in the future (Prices for most items fall from launch … but that’s for another article).

Here’s an example:

Menblatt Card is currently being sold for 4.68 million on the Global exchange (it’s actually gone up over the past few days). Experienced players know that this is an extremely useful card for mid to late game. Why? Orc Archers and Orc Lady. That’s why. The +20% damage to Earth will certainly speed up your farming and leveling progress. Even if you expect a 21% price drop in the future, with the added damage you’ll more than make up for this with extra loot.


Well now you know (if you didn’t already … ) a way for predicting the direction of card prices. For anyone wondering, % change is calculated as (New Price – Old Price)/Old Price. You can apply this same formula to other items in the game and save millions hahaha …

Need to decide on taming item, boss mats, we got that covered.

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