Here’s how to unlock map buffs for Royal Hunting Grounds and Soul Hunting Grounds in Ragnarok Mobile.

Unlock Sword Monument

You need to be Base Lv. 150 to unlock the required quests.

Similar to Wasteland and Comodo there are Map buffs to be unlocked for the Prontera Hunting Ground maps Royal Hunting Grounds and Soul Hunting Grounds.

The starting quest is called “Malfunctioning Soul Hunting Grounds.” It paths you to The Girl’s Memory Being NPC found in Soul Hunting Grounds.

You’ll need to complete a shadow puzzle by rotating each piece to fit its shadow to the outline. The poring indicator will move towards the right the closer the piece is positioned to the correct spot. Once positioned correctly it will snap into place.


  1. Tap and drag the item itself to rotate it.
  2. The two arrows next to the item can be used to spin the item.
  3. The D-Pad on the bottom left controls the light. It can be used to zoom in and out as well as shift the shadow left and right.
  4. Rather than looking at the shadow try looking at the object itself to determine what position it should be in.
  5. Looks right but doesn’t fit? Try flipping the item over to its other side.

Continue the quest chain to unlock the Sword Monument.

Unlocking Map Buffs

On the Sword Monument page you’ll see a bunch of scrolls. Here you can spend Secret Files (obtained from Soul/Royal Hunting Grounds mobs) to Unlock Clue.

Unlocking Clues will unlock the relevant map buff as well as a map quest. Completing these quests will reward blueprints as well as unlock the next tier of clues in the relevant scroll.