Genshin Impact version 1.1 update patch will add more content to the game. However Mihoyo has also been listening to the community and we are expected to also receive a bunch of quality of life changes many of us players have been voicing for.

A Better Experience

Below is a summary of key quality of life changes we can expect in patch 1.1. You can find the full discussion here.

  1. Battle Pass Resin requirements reduced from 1,600 to 1,200.
  2. Max Resin cap increased from 120 to 160.
  3. Key Binding and Controller Setup (part functionality to be introduced).
  4. Ability to filter artifacts.
  5. Ability to set a teleport waypoint ie portable TP tool.
  6. Icons to help identify what artifacts are equipped on which character.

These are some great changes will defiantly address some player frustrations.

However what I’d really also like have is the ability to lock artifacts so you don’t accidentally feed the ones you want to keep.