rockers ragnarok mobile

The best way to level fast as a beginner in Ragnarok Mobile is to farm Rockers in Labryinth Forest.

Need to Level up Fast? Ragnarok Mobile Beginner Fast Level guide is here. Only one simple step. Go farm Rockers! They give 112 Base Exp and 89 Job Exp per kill and they only have 500 Hp. Why? They by far have the highest Exp to Hp ratio.

Just for comparison Rockers provide a ratio of 0.4 (Base Exp + Job Exp / Hp). Whilst skeletons a popular alternative early on only gives 0.12. What about later on you say? Well monsters like the popular Orc Archer only provide a measly ratio of 0.018. Then why not rockers forever? … well in Ragnarok Mobile there is an Exp penalty when killing monsters below your level. The bigger the level gap the bigger the penalty. Also we can’t forget that you do more damage later on. Oh! and you also wouldn’t want just bags of Jellopy … right?

But for early game (Lvl 1-30) rockers are the most optimal to farm. Some would even argue to stay there into the early 40’s before moving onto monsters like the Hornet.

Ok! lets go farm some rockers. They are literally everywhere! Hang on a sec … In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love you must also remember not all Rockers are the same. Well … actually they are the same. But how quickly they spawn and how close they spawn together makes a big difference to your farming speed.

So where to? The best place to farm Rockers is in the Labyrinth Forest. The specific spot is show above (Point A to B). To get there first head to Prontera West. Then enter the North Portal to enter the Labyrinth Forest. Then simply enter the upper portal.

That’s it for this Ragnarok Mobile Speed Farm Guide. Go farm to your hearts content and fill your bag will tonnes of Jellopy. After day one (300 stamina or 360 if you were good and listened to that music box) you should be at or near Level 30. (Premium and saints gear will affect result).

The spawn is quite dense here! Make the most of it by using Arrow Shower for extra kills.