Draft a strong deck with this Lost Ruins of Arnak Item Tier List. Let’s take a look at some of the best item cards in the board game.

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Item Tier List

You don’t want to clog up your deck with low value item cards, buying them can be a waste of resources as well as a waste of a drawn card.

Let’s take a look at some of the best item cards to buy:

S Tier: The Best Item Cards

  • Dog
    Arguably the best item in Arnak. It gives a flexible campsite resource + 1 compass. A total of 3 Value every time it’s used!
  • Pickaxe
    Gives Tablet + Arrow. Very useful for progress on the research track but also for defeating guardians and paying to use artifacts. It costs 1 compass to use but that’s still a solid +2 value.
  • Aeroplane
    It’s quite expensive so it’s best drawn early. It’ll basically save you 2 compass and a travel icon each use. Additionally it also gives 3VP.
  • Hot Air Balloon
    Just one use. Essentially trading 2 gold for 3 compass and a travel icon. Very worth it.
  • Airdrop
    Basically paying 2 Gold for a potential 4 Gold item. But it goes straight into your hand which means you’ll be able to use it right away. Similar to Aeroplane late game this item drops off so you’ll want it early.

Note that items give VP. Typically a 1 Gold to 1VP conversion is good.

A Tier: Still Very Good

  • Rough Map
    Just one use but 3 Compass for 1 Gold is very good.
  • Bow and Arrow
    Up to 3 Compass (1 per defeated guardian).
  • Brush
    Similar to Bow and Arrow (also gives 1VP per gold cost) but costs a total 3 Gold. Gives Up to 3 Compass (1 per idol).
  • Steam Boat/Automobile
    2 Compass (fast action), 2 travel icons with 3VP. Solid cards.
  • Binoculars
    Activate any Level 2 site. This equates to 3 value. Very good card but does cost 4 Gold and only gives 1VP.
  • Lantern
    Activate any campsite. Basically 2 value per use.
  • Trowel
    Compass for Gem. A decent trade, basically +2 value.