During the Ragnarok Mobile Cooking Event, players can donate Top Ingredient to the Superior Food NPC for Feast GiftBox.

One must have reward is the Feat GiftBox which gives the chance of obtaining that limited edition Skewer Pet. This pet is required to create the Ferocious Ghost via Pet Fusion.

Didn’t get the Skewer Pet during the BCC Shop Event? Here’s your chance to get it for free:

Hunger Ghost Feast

Step #1
First head to Prontera North. There you will find Hunger Ghosts, killing them will reward Hunger Ghost Feast.

Step #2
Open your food box and eat Hunger Ghost Feast. This will summon a Hunter Ghost which you can kill for a Top Ingredient

(Max Summon 1x Hunger Ghost per day)

Step #3
Head back to Prontera and speak to the Superior Food Materials NPC to exchange your Top Ingredients for Feast GiftBox.

It will cost 3x Top Ingredients for ever Feast GiftBox (Max 2 Feast GiftBox during event). Earning 6 days worth of Top Ingredients will allow you to purchase them all.

Skewer Pet

Opening the Feast GiftBox has a 10% chance of rewarding a Skewer Pet Ticket. Already have the pet? You can exchange your spare ticket for the Skewer Hungry Ghost skin.

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