Ragnarok Mobile Episode SP Update has arrived in SEA server. Highlights include a new playable Doram race, towns Rachel and Lasagna and accessory synthesis.

Ragnarok Mobile Episode SP available on SEA as of 5 March 2020

Global Update patch notes here.

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New Content

  1. New Doram Race (class available to new characters and multi-job)
  2. Base Level increased to 140
  3. Job Level increased to 80
  4. New Town Rachel
  5. New Town Lasagna
  6. Cake Battle Instance
  7. Outdoor area to Homeland Housing System + New Furniture
  8. New Pets
  9. New MVP/Mini King Poring craftable cards
  10. New Runes
  11. Rune Replacement System (Trade 3x S-Tier Runes of class for 1x S-Tier Rune of choice of that class)
  12. Added Kafra Adventurer Log to Assistant
  13. New Accessory Synthesis feature