This Auto Chess Patch is introduces balance changes to Divinity and Kira Synergies as well as a few changes to some specific pieces.

Patch Notes

[Race & Class]

  1. Divinity (2)/(4)
    Now reduces [45%/70%] Ability CD (instead of [50%/75%])
  2. Kira (2)
    Now increases 20% Max HP and ATK (instead of 25%)

[Chess Piece]

  1. Dwarf Sniper
    Cost: [2/4/6] Gold (adjusted)
    Now has [70/140/280] ATK (instead of [80/160/320])
  2. Grand Herald
    Cost: [3/5/7] Gold (adjusted)
    Now has [55/110/220] ATK (instead of [50/100/200]) and [600/1200/2400] HP (instead of 550/1100/2200])
  3. Abyssalcrawler
    Spiral Crawler: can now stack up to 20 times (instead of 25)
  4. Desperate Doctor
    Ricocheting Cask: now deals [60/80/100] damages (instead of [75/100/125])


  1. Fixed the issue where Goddess of Light didn’t case the ability with full mana
  2. Fixed the issue where Scryer didn’t cast the corresponding ability according to the enemy line-up
  3. Fixed the incorrect price of 3-star Umbra, which should be 7 Gold
  4. Fixed some art resources


  1. New [Item Redeem] event