Ragnarok Mobile Global server receives the Midnight Party EP5.0 expansion. There’s an event to celebrate the update and a bunch of new content to discover. Let’s take a look at what goodies we get.

Notable content from this episode update includes the new city Niflheim (realm of the dead), new classes (Sage, Bard, Dancer), more pets, weapon synthesis and 3rd Job Breakthrough.

Summary: Event Dates

Here’s a quick summary of the events and important dates (ordered by start date, then end date). Additional details below.

Daily Check-In**Mission Acceptance Time:
26th Sept to 3rd Oct
Mission Finishing Time:
26th Oct to 9th Oct
5 Missions, can complete 1 per day

Req: Base Lv. > 80
Ruri's InvitationMonsters Spawn
Geffen Underground 1F & 2F
26th Sept to 10th Oct
12:00 - 14:00
21:00 - 23:00

Invitations are exchangeable until 24th Oct
Defeat Ruri Shadow and get "Witch Party Invitations"
** Event limited to one character per account

You will receive Witch Party Invitations even on Red Stamina

Witch Party Invitations

Players can earn a maximum of 3,000 Witch Party Invitations per day. Invitations can be traded for Praying Card Pack, Oracle Dust, Oracle Crystal, Base Potion (L) and Job Potion (L)

Purchasing everything in the shop will require 11,200 Witch Party Invitations.

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Patch Notes

New Content

  1. Base level will be lv.120, level requirement for being a mentor is now lv.90
  2. New Major City – Town of Dead, Niflheim
  3. New Classes – Sage, Bard, Dancer
  4. New Gameplay – Revenant Boss and World Boss
  5. All the major towns in different channels share the same channel
  6. New Party system – Player can now do Party request between different channels
  7. New favorite item featured in “Bag” panel
  8. New Difficulties for Oracle Dungeon
  9. New favorite item feature in “Bag” panel
  10. New Guild Praying Reset Feature
  11. New Equipment Stages Upgrade
  12. New Assistant system and panel remake


  1. Items from EP Premium Cards are now available in “Greedy Chest “
  2. Big Cat Credit Card UI optimization

System Optimization

  1. Optimized Buffs panel display
  2. Optimized Aeisir Monument Panel and new build customization feature
  3. The system will now generate some random pet decorations after hatching
  4. Optimized Auto Skill panel
  5. High Frame Rate setting is now available
  6. Optimized Adventure Handbook Panel
  7. Optimized Cooking Feature, “Chef’s Eagle Eye” is no longer required
  8. Optimized Prontera South Gate area and added new contents
  9. Optimized Mail Panel

New Feature

  1. Added new pets and pet skins
  2. System will now generate some random pet decorations after hatching
  3. New Craftable Equipments on Niflheim
  4. New Weather feature
  5. Higher Maximum level for certain Guild Buildings
  6. Big Cat UFO event is now moved to West Gate, event time remains
  7. New Prontera and multiple interaction features

Game Balance

  1. Alchemist now has a new Homunculus “Eleanor”, good at dealing damage
  2. Balance adjustments for multiple skills

Note: 6v6 Competition & Monster Laboratory will not be available after the maintenance