The Genshin Impact Pity System can be explained as a way to guarantee 4-Star and 5-Star rewards at least every 10 and 90 attempts respectively. Pity does carry over however is banner specific.

Gacha FAQ

  1. What is pity?
    It is a system that guarantees 5-Star rewards every 90 attempts and 4-Star rewards every 10 attempts.
  2. Rewards? Does that mean I will get a character?
    It depends on the banner. Character Event Banners guarantee to reward 5-Star characters at least once per 90 attempts.
  3. So I will get the Banner character?
    If you don’t get the promotional banner character on your first 5-Star pull you are guaranteed it on the next. This character guarantee however does not extend to 4-Star pity rewards.
  4. Does pity carry over?
    Yes but with a limitation. Pity count only carries over to banners of the same type. Eg. Wishes from Character Event Banners will carry over to other Character Event Banners (same goes for weapon banners).
  5. What about the standard banner?
    It’s not going anywhere but again any wishes accumulated on it are independent from wishes made on other banners. This means accumulating pity on the standard banner will not count towards character event banners or weapon banners.