Arknights CE-4 looks hard but with the correct setup you’ll find it easy to clear. Here’s a guide to help you pass this Cargo Escort mission.

Cargo Escort missions are great for farming LMD. The higher the level you can complete the better.

Cargo Escort is available on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun

The Setup

Recommended Operator Lv 40. However a few E1 operators will make getting a solid Auto Deploy recording a breeze.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 2x Vanguard
  • 1x Guard
  • 1x Caster
  • 2x Healer
  • 1x Sniper

Phase One

3x Heavy Defender Leader will spawn from the right. Don’t worry they won’t move or attack for a while.

  1. First place a Vanguard in position (C) and your Guard in position (F).
  2. Next position a Caster behind your Guard in position (E)
  3. Now place a Defender in position (I)
  4. Once you have enough DP place a Healer in position (B) facing down so that all your operators are in healing range.

Except for your Healer all other operators should be facing the enemy on the right. This setup will help you damage the armored units before they start moving.

Phase Two

3x Airborne Soldiers will spawn from the left. They deal a fair amount of damage but they are quite squishy.

  1. Fill positions (A) and (D) with your remaining Guard/Vanguard facing left.
  2. Wait for the Airborne Soldier to reach position (H). Now place your Sniper in position (G) facing right.

Phase Three

3x Loggers will spawn from the right. They deal a lot of damage but your defense should hold nicely.

  1. Drop in your additional Healer in position (H) facing up.
  2. Don’t forget to use your operator skills.

At this point feel free to drop in any additional operators for good measure. You can even return your Position (A) and (D) Vanguard/Guard and replace them with ranged damage dealers.

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