Here are 10 beginner tips to help you survive in Last Day on Earth. The most important thing is to stay organized, it’s a looting game after all.

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1. Organize Your Loot

Take some time to craft a bunch of small boxes to organise your items. You’ll be constantly gathering and refining. Having to check multiple boxes for the right materials will make your head spin.

Extra Tip: Place boxes next to your workstations to store raw and refined materials.

2. Use Sneak Attack

Sneak (bottom right button) behind enemies to deal 3x damage. Doing this will help your precious weapons to last longer.

3. Use Auto to Farm

Auto mode (bottom left button) can be used to automatically pick up anything on the map.

Extra Tip: After a particular resource? First fill your inventory with stacks of items you are after. Your character will then proceed to fill your incomplete stacks.

4. Collect Berries

Don’t forget to collect those red berries. Eating them will recover a small amount of HP. This will help save your better healing items for tougher battles.

5. Cook Carrot Stew

Carrot Stew will be your primary healing item. They are obtained by cooking carrots on your campfire.

Carrots can be farmed by planting seeds (from picking up plant fibers) at the garden bed.

6. Dried Meat

Don’t cook your raw meat. Instead place them in the Meat Dryer to make Jerky. It’s a more efficient food source.

7. Craft the Rain Catcher

The rain catcher can be used to refill your water bottles. Never have to worry about hydration or hygiene again.

8. Make Coal

Remember Carrot Stew? We’ll to cook them you’ll need to fuel your campfire. The most efficient way is by using coal (great for melting furnace too) .

Logs can be burned in your campfire for coal. But why burn logs when you can burn planks. It’s more efficient!

Throw your Pine Logs into the woodworking bench to convert them into Pine Planks.

9. Save Your Guns

In the beginning you’ll just need guns for killing Frenzied Giants in Bunker Alpha. It’s a must as this zombie will obliterate your character in one blow.

10. Walls? Who Needs Them

Walls are useful to protect your loot from raiders. But that comes later. Besides, unless your walls are level 3 or above, the zombie hoard will destroy them anyway.

About Bunker Alpha

Alright that’s the 10 Beginner tips. One more thing before you go!

As a beginner you’ll want to aim for Bunker Alpha. Bunker Alpha is a “dungeon” with a bunch of zombies that can drop tickets.

Frenzied Giants and Tickets
Most notably it contains Frenzied Giants which have a good chance of dropping red tickets (also great for EXP).

Tickets can be traded for crates. Crates (green, yellow and red) are filled with awesome armor, weapons and rare materials.

Getting inside
To access Bunker Alpha you will need a Bunker Alpha access card. The card can be obtained from forest and quarry zones. It can also be found at Airdrops and at the Destroyed Convoy event.

You will also need the access code. The access code can be obtained from the CB Radio and dead soldiers.