8.0RatingLast Day on Earth: Survival
Action RPG
iOs, Android

Last Day on Earth (LDoE) is an action RPG post apocalyptic zombie survival game available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

There are plenty of base builder/hero collector zombie survival games available on mobile. However there are only a handful of action RPG alternatives for this genre. Last Day on Earth is one of these and is arguably one of the best.

Let’s take a look at what makes this game worth playing.

Main Content

Collect, craft and survive. This is what LDoE is all about. The majority of the game’s content revolves around building your character and base. Along with the standard equipment upgrades, there’s also weapon mods, vehicles to build and even pets to breed.

Leveling your character will unlock new blueprints. Adding new furniture to your base will allow you to craft better equipment. Better equipment will allow your character to explore more difficult areas and so on.

Locations & Monsters

The number of locations and variety of monsters can be a bit limited when compared to traditional single player action RPGs. There are only a few boss creatures and a handful of lower tier zombies.

However the randomly generated resource locations keeps looting fresh and exciting.

Game Mechanics

Knowing how to engage combat and picking the worthwhile fights is what separates novice players from the more experienced.

A primary combat function of the game is the ability to crouch and sneak behind zombies. Landing that critical hit feels satisfying every time.

There’s hunger, hydration and hygiene to manage. However it’s nice that once you pass the beginning stage of the game this becomes very easy to do.

After all your character wouldn’t be so kick ass if they had to worry about their next meal all the time.

The Daily Grind

Energy System
The game runs on an energy system. Energy can be spent for quickly traveling to locations. However even without this energy your character can make their travels, it just takes longer.

At these “away from base” locations players can gather resources. Resources can be spend on crafting base upgrades and equipment.

Bunkers are “dungeons” with high amounts of zombies. Players will spend a considerable amount of time grinding these Bunkers for exp and tickets (Bunkers periodically reset).

Tickets can be traded for chests. Chests are a primary source of high tier equipment and weapons.

Complete a series of tasks for the opportunity to attack an npc base for loot. A great way for collecting weapons, just watch out for revenge raids (note: this is not a multiplayer function).


Is it for you?
If you’re looking for a zombie survival game with a crafting and base building system LDoE is defiantly worth checking out.

Long term game?
The gameplay and progression system is enough to establish this game as a mid to long term keeper.