Tower Defense
Yostar Limited
iOS, Android

Arknights is an Anime style Tower Defense Hero Collector mobile game available on iOS and Android.

There are boundless hero collectors out there. You’ve probably tried a handful yourself.

What separates Arknights from the rest? Actual enjoyable gameplay content, F2P friendly and lovable characters. Let’s take a closer look.

Enjoyable Gameplay

Typically a Hero Collector’s appeal mostly comes from pulling heroes and upgrading them to build that epic collection of yours.

Usually it goes something like this:

  1. Use stamina for farming
  2. Complete Quests and Events
  3. Roll for Heroes
  4. Upgrade Heroes and repeat.

However you’ll often find that gameplay especially in terms of farming is mostly limited to click and watch. At most you may switch out a Hero or two but in general what separates you from a fail or clear is a damage wall.

Arknights has all these steps and their farming does have an auto mode. However! The damage wall is quite flexible and the manual game play (required for first time clear) is much more than a spectator mode.

In fact you’ll be surprised how much of a difference your approach to the stage can make. When, who and where you deploy your operators makes all the difference in Arknights.

Yes, you can blast through the content if your operators are overpowered. But if you have the right strategy you’ll be able to progress further without those extra levels.

F2P Friendly

Many of the rarer operators have much more easily obtainable counterparts. You’ll also receive a bunch of free operators to help fill out the core roles necessary in your squad.

Skipping re-rolling for the perfect start won’t break your experience. Neither will remaining completely F2P.

Arknights is a PvE focused game. There’s no need to compete against other players for ladder rewards. So you can go at your own pace not having to worry about falling behind.

Is it too late to start? Compared to other Hero Collectors, Arknights is definitely much less punishing to those late to the party.

The Characters

Arknights doesn’t have a gigantic pool of heroes to pull from. But it’s for this reason the operators that do exist are more memorable.

You’ll quickly become familiar with your operators and will likely develop favorites too.

Arknight operators are characters you could totally see in a spin off game. Maybe they will make a MOBA one day.


Arknights at its core is a hero collector mixed with tower defense game play. It’s fun, challenging and boasts beautiful and memorable characters.