The Genshin Impact Unknown Star forms part of the Unreconciled Stars Event. Here’s where to find Meteorite shards to boost your Fading Star’s Might currency.

Collect Meteorite Shards

  1. There are 3 locations to visit.
  2. Select “Where Stars Fall”, “Guyun Starcatcher” and “Meteors Over Qingqe” from the Events Overview>Event Details>Unknown Star page (see above) to be guided to each location.
  3. Collect 7 Meteorite shards at each location and get Primogems + Mora
  4. Blue circles will appear to give you an idea of shard locations.
  5. Character’s vision will glow blue when near a shard (use a character other than Traveler MC or Venti).
  6. Collecting Meteorite Shards will also reward Fading Star’s Might (currency to event shop).

There are more than 7 Meteorite Shards to collect in each location. Try to get them all.

Meteorite Shard Locations

East of Mondstadt
Qingce Village
Guyun Stone Forest

Source: Official Mihoyo Interactive Map

A Few Tips:

  1. If you find that your blue circle isn’t appearing try relogging.
  2. Many of the Meteorite shards are found attached to mountain faces.
  3. Check over the ledge and fly down from a higher point for a better look.
  4. Hilichurls, Bandits and other monsters will at times be gathering around the shard.

Additional Locations

Once you complete the initial 3 locations you will be directed to more!

Cape Oath
Yaoguang Shoal
Qingyun Peak

Meteoric Wave

Don’t forget to also complete Meteoric Wave quests for more rewards including Primogems!

Get more Faded Star’s Might from Phase 2 Star of Deceitful Dreams