Unlock the Starburst Mine (Astral Mine) and Plane Sawmill (Lumbermill) in the Cloudsea Archipelago Comodo Housing System. It’s a prerequisite for crafting Ancient Equipment.

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Get 4 Heart Hakiki

  1. The first thing we’re going to do is unlock the Starburst Mine building.
  2. To do this we first need 4 heart Hakiki.
  3. Hearts can be increased by gifting specific items. Hakiki’s gift is Fleshy Bone.
  4. Gifts can be purchased from the Magic Box Wonder House. However you must first unlock them.

Gift Fleshy Bone

  1. To unlock Gifts you will need to dispatch (Alert Gondola) with a specific Combat Mate and Combat Gear combination.
  2. The combination for Fleshy Bone is Candy Sister + Long Sword.
  1. Once unlocked you’ll be able to purchase Fleshy Bone from your Magic Box for Fantasy Crystal (obtained via dispatch).
  2. Each gift will fill half a heart. Hakiki will already have half a heart and you should have 1 Fleshy Bone from dispatch. So you should only have to buy 6 more Fleshy Bone.
  3. Now go find Hakiki and give him the gifts (he will be at a random location in Cloudsea Archipelago).
  4. To find Hakiki, open your inventory and select use on his gift. This will work on all gifts and will mark the location of the gift recipient.

Complete Magic Eye Drops Quest

  1. Next upgrade your Magic Box New Arrivals twice. This will unlock the Eye Drops, Chair and Dog-paw mug under the Everyday Use tab. But more importantly it gives us the Leader’s Gift Quest.
  2. Purchase the Eye Drops and give it to Candy Sister.

Unlock Cotton Candy

  1. Now head back to Alert Gondola and dispatch Safofo + Shield to unlock Cotton Candy. (you may need to upgrade Weapon Research at the Mead Fountain to unlock the shield combat gear).
  2. You should now have the Care and Regret (Love and Regret) quest. Go buy the Chair from the Magic Box. While you’re at it if you’re out of Fleshy Bone go ahead and purchase one as you’ll need one for the next quest.

Unlock Starburst Mine

  1. We can now start on the We Three Brothers quest. It’s pretty straight forward. Upon completion it will unlock Agaga, Sajaja and the Astral Mine building. This building passively generates Starshine Gem (Note: You will have to wait until Day 8 to complete We Three Brothers II quest).
  2. You can upgrade the building to increase its production rate (Smelting Method) and storage capacity (Beehive Storage).

Get 8 Heart Hakiki and 4 Heart Sajaja

  1. Next we’re going to unlock the Sawmill building. To do this we need 8 heart Hakiki, 4 heart Sajaja and complete Brotherly Bond I (Brotherly Bond – Upper) quest.
  2. Purchase the Dog-pas mug from the Magic Box and give it to Sajaja. This will unlock the rest of Hakiki’s Hearts.

Gift Fishing Rod

  1. Gift Fleshy Bone to Hakiki and Fishing Rod to Sajaja (both Hakiki and Sajaja can be found on the Cloudsea Archipelago map).
  2. The combination for unlocking fishing rod is Agaga + Long Sword (remember each gift will fill half a heart).
  3. You should now have Brotherly Bond II (Brotherly Bond -Lower) quest unlocked.
  4. Speak to Sajaja (she should be at Melting Time with Hakiki).

Unlock Sawmill

  1. Afterwards Agaga will have you watch a sequence. Follow it and pick the items in the correct order to unlock the Lumber Mill (Planer Sawmill).
  2. The Sawmill is similar to the Mine except it passively generates Smith’s Wood.

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