Join the Genshin Impact The Heron’s Invitation Web Event, collect Luxurious and Delicious items to receive Primogem rewards and more.

Event Details

Event Duration
2021/7/26 – 2021/8/2 23:59 (UTC+8)
*Rewards cannot be claimed after the event ends. Please claim them in time.

Adventure Rank 10 or above

Event Details
During the event, collect six gifts of the highest quality and give them to Kamisato Ayaka to obtain in-game rewards.

In-Game Rewards
Once the gifts are given to Kamisato Ayaka, you can claim in-game rewards such as Primogems and Character Ascension Materials.

Gameplay Details

  1. Visit Web Event Page
  2. There are 4 Locations on the map (Ogura Textiles & Kimonos, Shumira’s, Netsuke no Gen Crafts and Amenoma Smithy).
  3. Go to each location and select Purchase Wares.
  4. Look for Luxurious and Delicious items (items are free no need to pay).
  5. If you don’t see Luxurious/Delicious items, chat with the customers and try again.
  6. You can check your inventory on the home page to see what you have collected.
  7. Once you have 6 different Luxurious/Delicious items visit the Kamisato Estate (Bottom Right hand corner button) to claim your rewards.