Level Electrical fast in Project Zomboid by collecting and dismantling digital watches. To hotwire cars you will need Level 1 Electrical and Level 2 Mechanics.

If you picked the Burglar occupation you’ll have the ability to hotwire vehicles without the character skill requirement.

Read Skill Books

Read the Electrical skill book for faster leveling. The Vol. 1 skill books will boost exp for skill rank 1 and 2.

Head to your closest school to find the books you need. Riverside and Rosewood School Locations.

Leveling Electrical

To level Electrical you’ll need a screwdriver, simply dismantle electronics for exp.

Common items you can dismantle include, headphones/earphones, lamps, cd players, radios, flashlights, cameras and televisions. You’ll find a bunch of these in homes and draws.

For a boost to your Electrical skill you can collect digital watches as you kill zombies. Save up a bunch then dismantle them all at once after you have read the Vol. 1 Electrician Skill Book.

Here’s How to Level Mechanics Fast.

How to Hotwire a Car

  1. Once you have the necessary skills press “V” to open the vehicle radial menu.
  2. Select Hotwire Engine.
  3. It might take a few attempts but once successful you’ll see wires sticking out of the key socket. You can now press “W” to start the engine.