What to buy in the Unreconciled Stars event shop. In the second phase (Star of Deceitful Dreams) players can spend resin for Fading Star’s Might (event shop currency). Let’s take a look at if its worth it.

Meteorite Remains

After completing the second phase quest you can speak to Mona who will direct you to Meteorite Remains.

These remains are basically a Ley Line where you defeat a bunch of enemies and spend 20 Resin (cannot use condensed resin) to collect your rewards.

You can pick the level of difficulty before you start. The higher the difficulty the better the rewards.

To see if its worth spending your Resin let’s compare what you can get to regular Ley Line rewards.

Regular Ley Line Rewards

ARAR EXPCompanion EXPCharacter EXP MaterialEXP EquivalentMora
8-11100103-4 Adventurer's Experience
7-8 Wanderer's Advice
12-19100103-4 Adventurer's Experience
7-8 Wanderer's Advice
20-24100155-6 Adventurer's Experience
10-12 Wanderer's Advice
25-291001510-11 Adventurer's Experience50,000-55,000EXP28,000
30-341001513-14 Adventurer's Experience60,000-70,000EXP36,000
35-39100156-7 Adventurer's Experience
2-3 Hero's Wit
40-44100206-7 Adventurer's Experience
3-4 Hero's Wit
45-49100206-7 Adventurer's Experience
4-5 Hero's Wit
50-54100206-7 Adventurer's Experience
4-5 Hero's Wit
Collecting rewards from Ley Lines costs 20 Resin
Ley Line Blosson of Revelation rewards EXP. Ley Line Blossom of Wealth rewards Mora.
Wanderer's Advice (1,000EXP), Adventurer's Experience (5,000EXP), Hero's Wit (20,000EXP)

Event Rewards

Salvage LevelAR EXPCompanion EXPFaded Star's MightHero's Wit**EXP Equivalent4 Faded Star's Might : 10,000Mora1 Faded Star's Might : 500Mora
**4 Faded Star's Might can be traded for 1 Hero's Wit.
You will receive the same value trading 1 Hero's Might for 1 Adventurer's Experience


  1. Both the event and regular Ley Lines costs 20 Resin to claim rewards.
  2. The event gives more EXP (min 175,000EXP). This is the case even when compared to AR50+ Ley Lines (rewards up to 135,000EXP).
  3. The event gives more Mora (min 87,500) when trading 5 Faded Star’s Might for 10,000Mora. This is the case even when compared to AR50+ Ley Lines (rewards 60,000 Mora).
  4. The 500Mora for 1 Faded Star’s Might is a terrible deal. At best you will receive 22,500 Mora for your 20 Resin. Which is worse for anyone AR25+.

What to Buy?

  1. Buy Hero’s Wit and Adventurer’s Experience first.
  2. Buy 10,000Mora for 4 Faded Star’s Might next.
  3. Fragments cost 12 Faded Star’s Might. Roughly 3.75 Fragments per 20 Resin. A bit harder to compare as you receive other items along with Fragments when you farm Elite Bosses. Purchase this if you have spare event currency.
  4. 500Mora (1 Faded Star’s Might) is the lowest value (hence no purchase limit). Buy this if you have purchased everything else in the shop but still have event currency left. Spending Resin on this option is not worth it.

Don’t forget to collect Meteorite Shards for free Faded Star’s Might

Phase 3: Star of Destiny.