In Project Zomboid you can barricade windows and doors with a hammer, plank of wood and 2 nails. You can board up both inside and outside with 4 planks each side.

Barricade Windows

Barricade TypeRequirementsHP

Wood Planks
2x Nails
1x Plank

Propane Torch
Welder Mask
1x Metal Sheet

Metal Bars
Propane Torch
Welder Mask
3x Metal Bar
*You can add up to 4 planks per window side providing 4,000HP each side.

Barricade FAQ

  • You can add up to 4 planks to each side of windows and doors (inside and outside) giving a max protection of 8,000HP.
  • You can add up to 2 planks and still be able to see out the window/door.
  • Both the Metal Sheet and Metal Bar barricades provide the most protection (up to 10,000HP).
  • However Metal Bars allow you to see out the window.
  • Barricades prevent entrance for both zombies and the player.
  • Barricades can be removed. Planks (with hammer), Metal Sheet and Metal Bars (with propane torch).

DIY Barricades

Aside from boarding up you can also place furniture, vehicles and all kinds of objects in front of your base entrances to slow down Zombies.

  1. Objects like furniture can be picked up and placed in front of and behind doors to slow down Zombies.
  2. Bookshelves are the only furniture that can be used to block windows.
  3. Vehicles can be parked in front of your entrances. Zombies can crawl under the vehicles but won’t be able to stand back up to access your windows/doors.