Ragnarok Mobile Marshmallow Dream (Clear Sky Choir) Costume Gacha. Choir themed set complete with the Prayer’s Soul mount.


  • Skyline Intone Light Wing (Costume)
  • Cloudy Breeze Morning (Headwear)
  • Sunny Whisperer Blue (Headwear)
  • Templar Choir (Headwear)
  • Astro-Prophecy (Headwear)
  • Blakey’s Wing (Back)
  • Cloudy Chapter (Tail)
  • True Sight (Face)
  • Blessing Choir (Back)
  • Skyline Intone Smoky (Costume)
  • Skyline Intone Dark Shadow (Costume)
  • Skyline Intone Warm Light (Costume)
  • Prayer’s Soul (Mount)