Drodo adds Shining Archer (2 gold) Feathered Hunter piece to Auto Chess. Hunter players rejoice at the arrival of another hunter piece. No more relying on rolling that legendary Tsunami Stalker to complete a 6 Hunter Synergy build.

The New Piece: Shining Archer

If we take a look at its tag we see that this new piece has been classified as a Disabler and Carry. The crowd control comes from its skill “Shooting Star” which deals 50-500 damage to a random enemy piece whilst stunnng them for 1-5 seconds.

The target of her skill can be an enemy piece on your board. It can also be an enemy that is battling a copy of your board.

The damage dealt and stun duration will depend on the ranking difference of the chess players at the beginning of the round. The further apart on the match ladder the players are the greater the skill effect.