You can remove Hedges in Project Zomboid without Farming by building a wooden floor on its tile. If you want to pick up the hedge you’ll need Lv. 1 Farming and a shovel.

Remove Hedge

Without Lv. 1 Farming

  • If you want to keep the grass underneath your hedge intact you’ll need to pick the hedge up with Lv. 1 Farming.
  • Otherwise you’ll just need Lv. 1 Carpentry, 1x Plank, 1x Nails.
  • Build Wooden Floor on same tile as the Hedge.
  • The hedge will be removed but you’ll be left with an indestructible wooden floor tile (if placed on a ground tile).
  • You can however build on top of the wooden floor.

With Lv. 1 Farming

  • Req. Lv. 1 Farming and a shovel.
  • Simply use the pick up option on the hedge to remove it.
  • This method keeps the tile underneath the hedge intact.