The Golden Antenna blueprint is unlocked upon completing the quest “Planet of the Snake and Silence”. The headwear itself is also awarded after completing this Juno quests.

The Golden Antenna provides its user Pen +2%, Atk +45 and STR +2 and is often taken as the direct upgrade to the Cat Ear Beret (for phjysical dmg classes). A great F2P alternative to the Firmament Horn.

Have Firmament? Unlock and Deposit the Golden Antenna for Max HP +60, Def +2 and M.Def +2

Unlock the Golden Antenna

First head to Juno and speak with Popli (Purple Quest – See Above). He will give you the “Planet of the Snake and Silence” quest.

The quest chain is pretty straight forward. Most of it will be speaking to one NPC then another. However you will be asked a couple of questions on the way. Here are the answers:

Polpi’s Questions

Q: Okay, what’s the first sentence?
A: (Option 1) The giant Serpent of…

Q: The giant Serpent of this mortal world? It’s an ancient legend. What is the second sentence?
A: (Option 2) The planet of dark…

Q: The planet of darkness? What does that mean? I need to hear the third one to figure it out.
A: (Option 4) The immortal one

Q: The immortal one, it sounds like it’s hinting at a big secret! What is the fourth one?
A: (Option 3) The god slayer

Siv’s Questions

Q: Can you tell me what this powerful being has been looking for over the centuries?
A: (Option 1) Heart of Ymir

Q: Can you tell me what that powerful being’s strength is?
A: (Option 2) The might of a demi…

Jormungandr Question

Q: You are standing in front of the giant Serpent himself. Every word you said and choice you have made will determine your faith.
A: (Option 3) The agreement of Juno


After defeating Jormungandr, head back to President Karl to complete the quest.

Don’t forget to open your handbook to complete the “Star of Juno” achievement. This will reward you with a free Golden Antenna!